Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Deportment

I want the readers who view this post to know that when I go to bed, I sometimes feel ashamed that I haven’t been more cheerful and flattering in regard to what’s going on in this country as well as in our dealings with other countries. But I also get pretty miffed at the way other countries deal with us.
For years and years, I've been an avid viewer of the world and especially the political systems that governs us. I suppose it goes with being a girl in the suburbs of Los Angeles during World War II and going to many of the movies on the Silver Screen when Hollywood was in its Golden Years. It was pretty much an accepted thing that God was real and prayer was necessary. I certainly never saw anything to cause me to believe otherwise.

America has never been a country that seeks a war. We have always been the ones who have been forced into it. Also, back then, if you were a communist, you were an atheist. Therefore -- not us. We are the country that trusts in God. In fact, we are a nation created under God.

About all I could understand about that was those poor folks were doomed to hell and that I was to pray for those poor souls who didn't believe in souls. The soul is the inner life of all mankind, created by God and belonging to God. Man’s soul hungers for God above all things. Our soul leaves our body at death but it doesn't die. It is the evil who will be at the Great White Throne Judgment, not the believers, though we will all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ. This, then, is something I really don't want screwed up.

So, the only gift that I really value is my gift in literature. I am a strange type of person in that I crave an unusual amount of alone time. I look forward to my nightly reading time, and I spend hours upon hours every night reading. I always have for as long as I can remember. Those who seek me early shall find me. I have read this passage over and over.

I don't know what anyone else believes, and it goes without saying that we all find our own salvation. We please the Main Man. Go to kindergarten and you learn to look both ways before you cross the street. You learn conduct becoming a good citizen and you are graded on it. It was called deportment.

My Dad was the supreme believer in the deportment of his children, and his words were, “I can’t do much about how smart you are, but I can promise you that I can do a whole big world about the way you act.”

Well if ever a man spoke the truth about anything, here it was. To be fair, my mother and my dad did care that their children also were smart and had access to the arts. In Los Angeles, they were unlimited. So I learned to “deport" myself five days a week. Then Mom washed my hair and told me fairy tells or sang songs to me on Saturday, and I put on my good dress and spent the afternoon at the movies. On Sunday, I crawled out of bed to get ready to walk to Bell Friends Church on Gage Ave in downtown Bell, Calif., to attend Sunday school.

So I started to seek God early. My parents saw to that. Before I was old enough to read, I spent my time imagining. I can vividly remember going through my mind and choosing my dream. I had quite a pick, too. I would choose between ballerina, ice skater, movie star and famous cowgirl. I don't know that I actually dreamed those dreams, but I certainly do remember falling to sleep searching through my catalog of dreams.

I was a little girl, and yet somehow I knew there were these wonderful things that something inside me hungered for. I was seeking God early. Yesterday my great-grandson came by, and it’s a wonderful thing to watch him. He visits my fish. He gets to feed them tiny bits or he isn’t satisfied . I always let him.

He then likes to go through his basket of toys. The same ones his Aunt Kayla played with. He loads up the little dolls and drives them around making car sounds. Here he is feeding a little hemisphere within a hemisphere. Then he is tooling around in this little planet with his own little population. Who can show you more than a child what it is to seek God?

I know I just know one side of things. Humans have always had their dark sides. Some want to be the villains, to be the dark side. Positive and negative. Ying and yang.

Some want to be the really evil that preys on society. Something appeals to them that I don't understand. Those like me are a joke to them. So duty becomes deportment.

As I was going through my Bible last night and reading the index, I came to Soldiers -- military agents of a nation. A. Good Characteristics of: Obedience … Reverence … Protection … Subduing riots … Guarding Prisoners. B. Bad Characteristics of: Cowardice … Discontent and violence … Rashness … Bribery … Irreligion C. Figurative of: Christians … Christian workers … Spiritual weapons used by.

These are Gods words, not mine. So there is no reason that we as a nation have any business in letting atheism or irreligion have a say in the war on terror. We are not terrorists as atheist Cindy Sheehan calls our nation. Our troops are not cold bloodied killers as stated by Kerry. We are not a nation that is supposed to choose life but to accept life as a gift from the Almighty. We are not supposed to listen to those that are tempted to bribery, as Murtha.

We are the military agents of a nation. A fighter for faith in the way, the truth and the light. Soldiers have been appointed to play a role in fighting for whatever role that history has cast upon these defenders. The history of this time is the war on terror. It is called deportment and love of a country. It is the desire of a nation. Our nation -- the United States of America.


P.S. See how nice I can be?


De'on Miller said...

This is beautiful. So you saw Weston? He's a doll. Was he with Mimi or his mother?

I saw his Mimi and his Aunt Kayla at the hospital tonight.

Anonymous said...

He was with his Mimi. He is just a doll.