Friday, February 02, 2007

Photo of the Day: Aaron and Who?

Aboard the USS Rushmore


De'on Miller said...

and goodnight, kids.

Diane said...

He sure was a handsome stud!
I love it when you post pictures, I'm a picture nut just like you.

Doc Duty said...

CPL Joshua Hill from "somewhere" texas. Josh was an 0351 (anti-armor assaultman) in our platoon during OIF I

De'on Miller said...

cool, wonder what he's up to now?

Anonymous said...

ahh he left E 2/1 midway threw OIF 2. The loss of his friends really shook Josh up. I do remeber that it was hard for him to say goodbye. I still talk talk Rob Duncan one of Joshs best friends. I will be back on here soon I have so much to thank all of you for and I just want to make sure I do all of you justice when I do
Semper Fi
Sgt. Rett