Monday, January 29, 2007

Virgie Bell Visits De'on in Augusta, Georgia

Virgie Bell came to visit me while I was in Ft. Gordon. A friend came along to entertain Mom for me when I had to study. Even with that, it was great spending a couple of days with her in Augusta. The year was 1988. The month was probably late June or July.

Mom and I were roommates before I joined the military. See, I used to iron! Mom is either stunned by it or giving me helpful hints.
My, what big glasses you have, Granny. Isn't she pretty?
Daughter and Mother
... saying goodbye. This was supposed to be last, but Blogger wanted it here. I've learned to give in to what Blogger wants. I think.
Garfield says, "You know it's Monday when you find sharks circling your coffee cup!"
I'm guessing we could all see pretty good out of our big glasses back then.


Anonymous said...

You remember I asked you if rape proof glasses were unbreakable or what and you replied "No Mom,no one wants to rape you because they are so ugly. Duh

De'on Miller said...

Yeah, we were all cute in them. Of course, mine ended up in the waste receptacle. We couldn't wear civilian glasses in BT and I don't think they could wear them at Ft. Lee.

Ft. Lee was NEARLY like being in basic all over again, but we could smoke.

De'on Miller said...

I left off the photo of you messing with the blister on your foot.

Mom couldn't believe how much walking we did.