Monday, January 29, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Mother Speaker

I sincerely hope that the new majority in our nation’s capital does not cost the Americans our way life. That we are hated by the rest of the world should not come as a surprise, but for John Kerry to aid and abate this opinion is inexcusable. It seems that if you are first with aid and food sent to other countries by Americans who have shed blood for freedom of speech and a beloved way of life that the popular thing to do when in a foreign country is to drag us down as a nation.

"Just so you know that we are ashamed that George Bush is from Texas," didn't endear the Dixie Chicks to the ones who buy songs and music. It is one thing for three little twits to pop off, but to have someone who ran for President to call us an international pariah absolutely stuns me. I would like anyone who reads this to know that I would be a wash-out as a politician. I would be absolutely pitiful in any way representing this nation in any capacity, but obviously that doesn't seem to bother people that do serve in some office or another. It is absolutely chilling to me to find that I have far more knowledge and insight than the ones who are the very leaders of this country. Please, if anyone for one instance thinks that the Speaker of the House is in anything but a spoiled and privileged woman who longs for fame and power, then I want you to know that the contract for the bridge I sold you is in the mail.

She is one of the offspring of a family that was famous for being famous. If I am not mistaken, that fame was never anything beyond the state. I’ve heard nothing in my lifetime that leads me to believe anything differently. Why is it that we have someone of that caliber that is second in line to be president? Her motherhood is now the single most touted asset. She sewed a fairy costume for her daughter while she was in school. I'll bet. As a seamstress myself I can assure you that she never did. It takes time and effort and genuine attention to detail. It takes in short, a decanted pursuit of solitude. A life that a politician would shun.

I saw that they had a little contest to take on the Internet about who was the most popular singer in the nation today. Number 8 was the last place highest, and first place in the loser. Number eight was Barbara Streisand. As one given to analyze every issue no matter how unimportant, I gave it some thought. Why had this gifted singer not rated as number one in world? My first thought was that music taste had changed a great deal, but in retrospect, I don’t think so. If that line of thinking were true, Sinatra should have been tarred with the same brush, yet he was at the top of the heap till his dying day. Ms. Streisand became a harridan of the first cloth. She wanted to be viewed as a scholar with a vast insight into politics, a role that she wasn't in the least capable of achieving. But she didn't do great harm to a nation caught up in a war on terror. With lightweights like Pelosi and John Kerry it does do us a great harm. It is a really scary thing to me that we have such clueless dilatants in important positions. That they have some inner egotistical drive to get up before the world and make such ignorance known to huge audiences is beyond me. But they just blab away for the world to see. Oh I'm sure Kerry’s was just a botched something or other, and as usual we the ignorant public cannot understand genius. Will John Kerry ever just sit down and shut up? One thing he will not do is SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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