Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Welcome Home, Lisa & Roy

Wind Beneath My Wings

Although this is a photo of me and Lisa while attending the Marine Ball in 2004, and although Roy is not in it as he was the one taking the photos, I think (?), I do want to welcome them home.

They just returned from a 7 day Blues Cruise with Delbert McClinton and many other Blues artists.

I know how happy you might think they should be upon the return to their humble abode, after being gone for half a century, but you see, I unwittingly failed to leave their water dripping last night during our freeze. I'm certain I had it dripping the other days, but the pipes waited until the day I didn't do the drip thing to freeze up. Which makes sense and go figure.

I'm sorry. You can put that in any context you might wish and I guess they'd both fit.

The good news: the pipes did not burst, the animals and pansies are alive, your daughter made it to ballet class twice, and for what it's worth, Lisa, the song you always said was your song to me, should and will be my song to you. (Please see above.)

Also, I'd like to say to my sister that I love you with all my heart, it's exhausting trying to carry even a piece of your action, and I'm so glad you're home safe and sound.

I'd also like to let everyone know that Jerrod and Shawna made it home in one piece, a little pained and tired from snowboarding in Ruidoso on their way home, and also, I think they will get married.

Well, everyone is home so I should sleep as I have to train a housekeeper for myself tomorrow.

Now, if you didn't believe me before, Lisa, about how sorry I really am, maybe you will now. :)

And I love my gifties!


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