Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

PELOSI FOR PRESIDENT ... no not Nancy. Absolutely not. But as I am sure any of you who were watching the photo-ops during the first 100 hours of Madam Speaker’s reign (and there were many such photo-ops) know the one I am referring to: the one where she lays a bouquet in the lap of the statue of her famous father. I have seen it many times, as has everyone else.

Bret Hume always ends his news program with something very humorous, and in this one segment, the camera panned way back to show all of his grandchildren. One little boy, about six or seven, had turned his back on his grandmother then stuck his tongue out in the best imitation of a gag reflex that I have ever seen in my life. I used to love Art Linkletter’s program where the children would say the darnedest things. So be forewarned, when this little boy runs for office, he’ll get my vote, no matter what office he runs for or which ticket it is on. If life was fair, this photo would become as famous as the one where John-John was saluting at his father’s funeral. It is the children of our nation who put us in our place at times. I am so glad they do. It reminds my old cynical heart that there is a reason we lose our loved ones in a war. To protect these precious children is reason enough.

One time De'on was driving back to our small town in a terrific thunderstorm. Her namesake, Kayla De’on, who was about two at the time, was riding with her. Auntie told Kayla to pray that they would make it home safely (after they had to pull over in the drenching downpour because of zero visibility). De'on said that Kayla crossed her little arms over her chest, stuck out that little bottom lip and said, "Dear God, you better get us home safely or I am going to be so mad!" Needless to say, God answered that prayer (threat?) and they reached their destination. God will also SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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De'on Miller said...

I'll never forget that night. It tickles me now as I picture her little face and voice ... a long time ago.