Saturday, January 20, 2007

From FOX, or what I might call "Amarillo By Morning"

Working Through the Snow Photo Essay: A man cleans off his driveway as a carrier delivers the mail in Amarillo, Texas. STORY


Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

It looked about like that here yesterday too. I-27 was iced over and there were lots of accidents overnight. The sun is peeking out today though.

Ask Karen if she knows Charlie and Teresa Carr. Teresa and I have been friends for years. And the Abbots sound SO familiar! Where do they go to church? We go to FBC in Wolfforth, so maybe we know them from there? Do their kids go to Frenship?

Have a great day! Hope you're staying warm.

De'on Miller said...

Tonya runs White Plaza Apartments which her mother, Shirley White owns on Loop 289 and Indiana. Mitch works and travels for a publishing company who sells books to the gifted and the challenged in Texas schools. He taught and coached at Canyon for a while.

Their two daughters, Shanda and Allison both attended Monterey, both married now, Shanda with a new baby and Allie and her husband are finishing up at Tech.

Tonya was a Pickrell (her dad, my mom's older brother was Mickey who has passed from cancer.) They lived in Littlefield as do several relatives today.

The McCurry's, Pickrell's and Grigsby's (of which there are none left around there) are all mine. Uncle Lonnie boxed at Lubbock High and is in Texas Tech's Football Hall of Fame. He earned the name "Primo" from his boxing days!

His brother, now deceased, was Doug McCurry and his sister still lives in Lubbock, Pearlie Jean Suttle. My grandmother, MeMa, who is deceased, lived in Littlefield.

Where my mom was raised and the school she's referred to is in Fieldton.

Wheww, didn't mean to do that! But just about ANY Austin in Lubbock are relatives of Aaron's dad, Doug.

I'll email your comment to Karen. Working in the courthouse, she may very well know them or at least their name.

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

I'll have to ask my husband. I'll bet he knows some of these folks. He grew up here and graduated from Lubbock High. Do you know a Peggy Austin that teaches 2nd grade?

De'on Miller said...

I don't know hardly any of them. They are a huge family, mostly from Doug's grandfather's family. Doug was raised in California; his mother is a native of California, so I wasn't well acquainted with that generation.

But it's possible that she's a cousin of Aaron's!

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

Wouldn't that be something? She teaches at the elementary school that my girls attend. Well, if you do get this way sometime, let me know. I would love to get together for lunch or something. You can email me through my profile.

De'on Miller said...

I'd love that, Semper Fi Mom, and the same for me.

I know we'd have a good time and I love your MMM handbook you have going over there. You guys take a look. It's the Marine Mom Myths and it is great for grins!