Friday, January 19, 2007

To Be ... the last page of a Seabee Scrapbook

precious keepsakes
of a sister ...
xxxx oooo xxxx ooooo
Thank you, NMCB 22 .


aunt karen said...

De'on, this was a wonderful series on the Navy and especially Seabees. We need to think of all of the divisions of our military when we are praying daily.
The picture of my keepsakes is beautiful, and they are truly treasured. It's amazing to me that Rich had time to personally write letters as much as he did. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the tattered little green cord. My parents and I went Dallas to see Rich off for Iraq. We stayed with him at his house. The night before he was to leave, in the bedroom I slept in, there was a package of these green cords on the dresser, Military gear to blouse your pants at your boots. I took 2 of them and made bracelets out of them for me and my Mom. I put it on the day that Rich flew out and never took it off until the day we picked him up from the airport on his return home. The color green made me think of him every single day, and with it being Navy gear it was like a talisman for me. After 6 months it was getting pretty tattered and unraveled when he finally came home, but I wouldn't take it off until I saw his face and hugged his precious body, finally home in the USA.
The quote from Homer is on the first page of the book "No True Glory" that has the story of Aaron's firefight on April 26, 2004. I loved the meaning in this quote, and I typed it up and mailed it to Rich in Iraq along with my copy of "The Power of Prayer: The Military Edition" that your story about Aaron was published in. I wanted him to know that he was surrounded by prayer every second he was there.
Thank you again, De'on, for honoring every aspect of our Military.

De'on Miller said...

Honey, with this that you've written (and I was hoping you would) you have honored your brother in such a way as only family can.

For as long as there is breath in me and life in Gunz Up, every one of them will be honored and remembered. They and our God are the only things that separate is from the powers of darkness that would not only destroy our way of life, but our entire civilization.

I do so hope that Rich will continue to check back in with stories from time to time on our guest writer spot on the new blog. He has so many interesting stories, I know.

And I've guarded everything, esp the blouser, with my very life!