Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday's Hero from Flag Gazer

I learned about Roy Velez through the Wednesday Hero post (next post below). I had to know more about this man who had lost both of his sons to war, yet has found, through his faith in God, the ability to reach out to others in their grief, to provide comfort and strength--quote from Flag Gazer

If you have time, please go to Flag Gazer's and check out the post she has up about Wednesday's Hero. It concerns the Velez family who is from Lubbock, Texas. Mr. Velez has had quite an honor bestowed upon him, but that doesn't touch what he gives to others.

Our troops are amazing and they come from amazing people. Okay, me too, huh? :)

Click here to be at Flag Gazer's in 2 secs. Read the link she gives you as well. The story is long, but it's touching. And who am I to talk about long?

Mr. Velez lost a son in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.


Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

De'on, I'm SO glad to see them featured on Wednesday's Heroes! Blondiebee and I met this family when Andrew died and they are just amazing. We went by just to take some food and thought we would stop in to drop it off and then leave. They invited us in and we wound up staying until 11:00 that night. We got to hear about their wonderful sons (the mom also has an older son who is an Army drill sergeant), and cried with them and prayed with them and even laughed with them. They are precious.

De'on Miller said...

I'm so glad you did. During these times, it means a lot to share the memory of your children with others who can appreciate the uniform!