Wednesday, January 17, 2007

War Memorial In Sunray, Texas

Two states claim Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Austin -- Texas and New Mexico. Doug, Aaron's dad lives in Texas, and Aaron attended school in the small Panhandle town of Sunray for several years. He graduated from high school in New Mexico where De'on lives. Aaron has ties in both states.

The city of Sunray decided recently to erect a monument to its fallen warriors, all three of them. It's a small farming town with a population that barely inches above a thousand, but it's a town that loves its children. The monument will honor Aaron and two others. One of them was killed in Vietnam and the other during World War II.

Some people might drive through Sunray and leave thinking there isn't much there, but if patriotism counts for anything, this memorial to the town's fallen heroes, this acknowledgement of gratitude and love, speaks of Sunray's heart.

The headline for the story I wrote about Aaron's memorial was 'Sunray loved him.' It was from a quote in the story that said, "Aaron loved Sunray, and Sunray loved him." Indeed, they did.

They still do.

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