Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

The latest thing that Tony Thomas did is not cute. He is kept on an elevated porch outside our living room window where he has a wool carpet to lay on, a heating pad, water, food bowl, and his bed. When I got up the other day, I saw he had gotten ahold of a bird and was slaughtering the poor thing with fiendish and gleeful abandon. I was horrified. I asked Jerry to do something, but I should have saved my breath. At this point, death was a mercy for the poor bird. Trust me; cock-fighting is nothing in comparison.

I really grew weary with President Bush’s "stay the course, stay the course." In fact, the goofy bunch that controls the House and the Senate won because of that message. Well now it is changed. He wants to increase the troops and Congress wants to stay the course.

I have not heard from my granddaughter to see if she likes her new school and if she got charms for her bracelet from her parent’s cruise. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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