Friday, January 19, 2007

Reader's Choice: Your vote counts

Early this morning, I completed the "To Be" series with NMCB 22. Soon, I'll be finishing up with "Docs Duty" so my mind is busy with a new series to take the place of these for a time.

As far as the Seabees and Corpsman stories go, we will always want to come back and update on what is new as well as historic with these naval support systems that are so important to our Marines. And on our new site at, we will have the capability for a guest writer, so I'm certainly hoping for many of you to take advantage of this to tell your own stories or share hero moments with us and our readers.

That being said, I'm up for YOUR CHOICE on the next series.

  1. Stories from a female soldier's life (mine) in Panama. This selection will cover OPERATION JUST CAUSE; life as 1 of 5 females in a battalion of 500, personal and historical photos, life as a soldier, wife and mother, the heartbreak of that split, and the freshness of new (and now old love; yes, Greg and I've been together 14 years now!) and also some history of Panama and Manuel Noriega.
  2. Stories and history on Vietnam
  3. Stories and history on Korea

***All of these stories will be experienced on Gunz Up through the life of our Internet writing (and the preferable thing for me would be to have a guest writer with much more personal and historical experience than I possess to record and share Vietnam and Korea with us), but I'll leave that open to you and see what we come up with.

So, to my favorite people in the world, the question is: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Much love and I'll try to be, SEMPER FI,



Steve Ramos said...

I vote for No. 1.

aunt karen said...

I'm with Steve, I want to hear your personal experiences. I am finished with parts A and B of the test and am working on my essay. I should be able to e-mail you everything later today. I was in a separate room and didn't even ever glance at Steve's answers, so it's all fair and square! (is there any extra credit for getting it in before Monday?)

steve ramos said...

Oh my gosh, have you ever seen such a blatant attempt to the be the teacher's pet?!! Turn it in early! How do I know she didn't have cameras pointed at my paper? Huh? How do I know?

I should get extra credit just because.

steve ramos said...

Oh, and if you want proof that Karen is a copy cat, there it is! She voted for what I voted for!

De'on Miller said...

Steve, did you raise your hand to speak? I don't remember calling on you the second time.

If so, Mr. Ramos, it will have to cost you 5 points off your grade, but pleased be honest about it.

Did you?

Billy Knipper said...

I'm all for Number 1....All I remember about Panama is listening to the Radio in Junior High ( myself as the junior here) and listening to my Marine boss's tell me abour what a wild time they had training and operating there. Let's do that one.

De'on Miller said...

Greg wants that one too, but it's been so long since he's posted, he's having trouble remembering his password.

So I think I will do that one. Of course, I truly was the epitome of Private Benjamin, but I have a sense of humor about it, so feel free to be speechless or amazed at any point!

Of course, other females may come to hate me, so everybody remember, I was not the average female soldier.

Thank you all for your comments, and Steve, if you will promise not to speak out of turn again, I will let you keep your five points.

aunt karen said...

I have just turned in all three parts of my test to you, Teach.(I e-mailed them to you) If I throw a hissy fit like Steve, will I get some extra credit? Straight A's for you, Steve, for Drama class. (tee hee!)Good luck on the test!

Anonymous said...

I have just this moment started preparing the announcement that you have indeed turned in your test.

The Teach

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

De'on, do I have to take the test in order to cast a vote? ;) I vote for #1 too.

Karen, I have friends in Brownfield that you may know.

De'on Miller said...

You're excused from it, but I hope you've alerted your son! :) lol.

Anonymous said...

Deon your Mother demands the teacher to give No.I now mind your mother and do good work or you are grounded

aunt karen said...

Hey there Semper Fi Mom (aka Minutemom), who are they?

Steve Ramos said...

Smack her, Virgie. Smack her a good one!

De'on Miller said...

No 1 it is then, and I'll just pray 536th is busy with other things!! :0 of course, they can't look too bad, after all, they were my family for 3 years! The good and the evil!

Anonymous said...

i am late on this but i would also like to hear about Stories from a female soldier's life.

sorry it takes me so long to read my email de'on

sent with love
Sgt Rett

De'on Miller said...

you just take care of what you need to precious man!

The name of the series is FEMALE ON THE FLOOR.


I love you,