Friday, January 19, 2007

The Manual Of Death

A few years ago, British forces in Afghanistan found a manual created by al Qaeda that teaches them how to become better killers and how to bring down the United States of America. As if we need proof that al Qaeda is evil, the manual delivers more evidence of the group's maniacal thinking.

The translated text should make it clear to us that the only way to deal with al Qaeda is to kill everyone of its members. They aren't interested in rational discussion as their manual points out.

"Islamic governments have never and will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperataive councils," the manual reads. "They are established as they always have been: by pen and gun, by word and bullet, by tongue and teeth."

"In the name of Allah" they have pledged to slaughter us, to annihilate us.

Well, not if we do it to them first.


De'on Miller said...

Sometimes it seems as if the new shows and videos tell us nothing new.

These people are out to destroy us and that is the old news, the current news, and no doubt, the news of the future.

As you said, their group and other groups like them are: maniacal!

Billy Knipper said...

This is what I'm talking about when I talk about how much that there really are comic book villains in the world and someone has to where the white hat.

steve ramos said...