Friday, January 19, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Why is Hillary So Mad?

Has anyone ever in their whole life seen anyone that is such a sourpuss as Hill-a-ry is? If Pelosi can be said to be the giddiest woman in DC, then you can give Hillary the top prize for being the absolute epitome of self righteous disgust with everything in the world. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will march against anything that comes up. Look for them to be marching against Valentine’s Day if nothing comes up before then. But we’re used to them. They have, after all, marched against everything for many years and you get to the point that you really don't pay that much attention. But my word, has Hillary ever changed from the nearly pleasant Junior Senator from New York into Cat Woman! Surely she can't think this is going to impress voters. She is the maddest one woman I have ever seen in my life and I have racked my brain trying to understand why. I truly want to give all the candidates all the benefit of the doubt that I can.

I would like to remain the unbiased and scholarly voter that I hope to be. but she is giving me really bad vibes. Of course, this is her way of letting us know that she is superior in every way, but then look who she is superior to. The bunch in the new majority is not much to be better than. I mean, she’s as mad as Ted Kennedy!

I guess this is the new wave in politics: to be just down right mad about everything, but I think if Bill ever sees her, and truly if I were him I would avoid it as much as possible, for as long as possible, but if by chance he slips up and his schedule causes the improbable to happen, then he needs to tell her, "Look Hillary, remember how much I just smiled and grinned the whole time I was running for President? How sunny and warm I was in office? How I charmed the pants (literarily) off of everyone? You have got to put aside this attitude of trying to be madder than an old wet hen. Voters do not like old wet hens. Why you are beginning to make people find John Kerry and all the rest of your opponents seem Hail Fellow Well Met! Charm the pants off of them and then we can laugh our heads off when we move back into the White House."

He needs to remind her that he is Slick Willie and he knows what he’s talking about. I have tried to come up with at least one example in the new majority that she can emulate but I've noticed that this bunch that should be so happy to have won the coveted spot, are all mad.

Madam Speaker is of course way too giddy, but that is understandable. She, like me, has no great shakes in education. She married young and had five children in six years and now she is second-in-line to be President. I can see where she would be just beside herself with joy. No one since Sonny Bono's widow was less equipped to deal with matters of state than Nancy Pelosi. She is mesmerized with pounding that gavel and I can see why. Why are the winners in the House and the Senate so mad and disgusted? If it’s because Bush is still President, then give it a rest. That is the American way. The polls last night put John McCain and Giuliani ahead in presidential choice by the voters, and by a wide margin, and they are the ones who SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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