Monday, January 15, 2007

To Be ... Finishing Up A Seabee Mission?

What can you tell us about these photos, LT Rich (or Karen)?


LT Rich said...

In the top photo, I was heading outside the wire with the Marines in their AAV (amphibious assault vehicle). Every now and then the busted water line where we would retrieve our water from would stop flowing. So we would head out to check our trip flares and to look for alternative sources.

The bottom photo was taken after I returned to Al Asad. We were in our final month of the deployment. The photo was taken by our battalion Gunny Sgt during our 6 mile hump as part of the officers FMF qualification. We were some of the first officers to earn the the past, it had only been offered to enlisted.

LT Rich said...

Don't let the smile fool you. This with the 3 mile run just about did this old man in.

De'on Miller said...

I had wondered about that. So I thought, maybe you just went to support the troops, so that's cool ... some of the first. That should be updated somewhere.

In a letter to me from Doc Duty, he spoke about Marines receiving a cross-training of sorts like this to help the Corpsman in times of battle when the load is so heavy.

I'm always appreciative of those who will go the extra mile to earn something new, and I appreciate you guys doing this. And I know it means a lot to all of you too. I remember the pride in LCMDR Breaux writing.

And while I never tried to earn something like this, I know from the honors I did try to earn, the military doesn't just give something like this away.

And the three mile run should do you in! It would kill me right now, and I once prided myself a great deal in running.

Now, I'd pride myself in walking.