Friday, February 09, 2007

Well done, please.

Hey everybody,

Just got in from the hospital not too long ago, burnt some fish sticks for us and we're all good now. Greg swears he's going to get me a fire extinguisher for Valentine's. Of course, he laughed when he said it, because 13 years later he is still trying to live down that he bought me a Thigh Buster for Valentine's in 1993. No, I don't forget stuff like that very easy. Saddle up, as he says. Don't you just hate it when they say stuff like that and you haven't even gotten to the second word yet? :)

To Doc Duty and Sgt. Rett: Your Valentine's boxes are in the mail! And I mailed them from Hobbs. The wildest thing, in Lovington's post office a man was really mad about a little white-haired lady butting in line. True, the post office was packed and I guess he should've been next, but he was talking really loud and rude to the Postmaster. Everybody's mouth was hanging open. Finally, the Postmaster asked him to leave or he'd have him escorted out. This didn't deter the man who wanted complaint forms and phone numbers. I stood there with my two heavy boxes for about 5 minutes and got the heck out of Dodge! Outside of the time factor, I became concerned for (OF ALL THINGS) my new vehicle that Mom is so proud of for me.

It's true. I'm a sorry sucker. Here the lady could've been injured, and I go out to get my vehicle out of the middle of any crossfire! But truly, the lady was taking up for herself pretty good, especially after another gentleman joined in and threatened to call the police on the man.

Well, so much for small town news. Postal in Lovington. And now, I'm about to go figure out something to POST myself.

Okay, it's Friday. And yes, I'm in my (well actually, Steve's) red shirt for our troops on Friday. Mine was dirty and Steve's was folded so neatly in my drawer (SINCE I HAVE NOT SEEN HIM SINCE THANKSGIVING!!) So I wore it.


Back in a bit!


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