Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Hello to my favorite students!

We have a great deal of material to cover on the test, so just as soon as we finish up with Torpedo Squadron 8, I'll review you some for this one.

Doc Duty has promised me that he will take the test this time and I know we can count on Karen.

Steve is dealing with many things right now--well, I guess everybody is except for Virgie Bell and me. And with Dad in the hospital for another week, we are running a little further behind than I'd hoped. But we'll catch up before the test.

So get your thinking caps on and sharpen those pencils.

You know I love you,
The Teach

P.S. I'll be back in a bit with more Torpedo Squadron 8. Thanks to all the greatest readers in the world. I wouldn't give you up for anything. Don't quit me now!




aunt karen said...

Yup, I'm up, for the test, Teach. I will be off work tomorrow, so Gary and I will be going to see Harvey. We have had company for the last few days, Gary's childhood friend, Brad. It's funny, he and Gary were remembering old times and Brad said," De'on and Lisa, oh my God, I was always in love with those Grigsby sisters!" He's a riot, but still onery. He will probably leave today.
Short shout out to Steve...Love you, man!!!

De'on Miller said...

He loves you too, and I think will be posting tonight. He's in Amarillo today. He will NOT be excused from the test, no matter what.

So hi to Brad and what a blast from the past!

Your book made it in and I'm trying to think of a prize for the next test. Any suggestions?

steve ramos said...

Gosh, I really do believe there is no excuse anyone can have to be exempt from the test!! Was De'on an Egyptian taskmaster in a previous life?!!

De'on Miller said...

No, but I learned from the best back when Kayla made us play school and restaurant. She whacked us with the ruler if we got the answer wrong and when we ordered something to eat, she said, "No, we're out of that, you have to have water."

I'll never forget how bossy that child was. Even Gary nicknamed her "Little Anthony" what show was that from?

So just more good training!

aunt karen said...

"Little Anthony" was from the Twilight Zone movie where the little boy controlled everything and everyone with his mind control. He could send you to the cornfield permanently if he didn't like you!

steve ramos said...

Dang, where can I get special powers like that?!

De'on Miller said...

go live around her for a while. You'll find your own cornfield! :)I say that with total love in my heart. But she is 13, and she's always been a bit on the bossy side.