Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Trash

I have nothing but contempt for the Army officer who is refusing to be deployed to Iraq. He joined the military for the express purpose of making a name for himself. I hope he is found guilty of the worst charge that can be thrown at him and I hope he is jailed for it. This man did not join the military until he finished college in 2003. At the time he did join he knew that his chances of going to Iraq were almost 100%. He was not drafted. By his own actions he has proven that he has taken tax payers dollars to support himself while planning to misuse those funds against the very people he is supposed to defend in a war, any war in which we are engaged. I realize that at this time, the war is unpopular, but in 2003 the citizens of this country stood behind our soldiers and the War on Terror. This is a prime example of what is going on in the liberal teaching in our higher education facilities. It is also screaming off the pages of our liberal leaning press. Mr. Watada is exactly the result of what we allow to go on in this country when we cater to this kind of civil disobedience and military treason.

I thought that John Kerry was just some kind of dolt that was probably born with his foot in his mouth. We hear that he is still just this over-aged hippy throwing combat medals over the fence of the White House, but this is not so. I hope the American people see through this for what it is and that is a tactical decision to undermine the very institution that is put in place to guard the life and liberty of this country. Our Military. I hope he is locked up and the key thrown away, however at the rate things are going he will be running for public office with a book in the works. If anyone believes that something like just pops into existence, then you are wrong. It is a conspiracy to undermine everything America believes in. No matter what anyone says, our political system has gotten completely out of hand, thanks to those that piously proclaim patriotism. It is nothing that can be very surprising to those of us who can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Nikita Khrushchev said that communism would bury America without firing a shot. Fidel Castro, Hugo Chaves, Saddam Hussein are some of the prime leaders of this vast conspiracy. Of course, I get to see Sean Penn outside of the building where Mr. Wataba is being called before a court of inquiry. Hello again to this jerk. I would hope that this does nothing for his career but put it back in the toilet where it belongs.

Did you get a look yesterday at Ryan O’Neal? This Hollywood star of Love Story from years ago has turned into another Marlon Brandon. He is grossly fat and has in the past knocked out the two front teeth of his son on which he pulled a gun on yesterday. This has become a way of life for Hollywood Has-Beens. I am glad that Farrah Faucet has been found cancer free. I also think see is a jerk in that she did this infamous painting with her nude body on a wall of glass. Gag. What is the matter with them or with us for that matter? We let them become newsworthy while they are young and glamorous—only to be an embarrassment for us that we ever helped make them achieve financial success!

Talk has been bandied about in favor of the death penalty for some child abusers. I am for it. If that darling little girl who was buried alive ever receives justice then that monster responsible needs to be put out of our world so that he can never lay a hand on another Jessica. Too often these monsters are being let loose only to commit these vile, evil acts again.

And…. I see where the big money is coming out of Hollywood for the Democratic Candidates. Streisand and Liz Taylor have out the big check books. I wish Barbra would go back to taking care of the husband she bought and Liz would take up her crusade for all things Michael Jackson.

And wow! It looks like Fatal Attraction is coming right out of The Right Stuff. It is a crying shame too. On this cheerless note ... I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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