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Marine Moms Online: Why Does My Son Want to be A Marine continues

Why Does My Son Want to be A Marine?

The reasons why some young Americans have chosen to become
United States Marines
As told by their mothers, fathers, wives, and other loved ones
Can anyone tell me why my son wants to be a Marine? I know about Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I know what the Recruiter promised. My son had other options, but said that first, He Must Become A Marine. He didn't share a lot about the whys, just that he had to do it, and is now in his 2nd week of boot camp. I would love to know why some kids chose to serve, and others wouldn't do it if their life depended on it. Can anyone share why they feel their son/daughter chose to become a United States Marine? Is it a "calling?” When does the pride overshadow the fears I have?
Their answers continue:
…He did it because he said if he was to go into the military, then he wanted to be part of the Best of the Best. He wants a career in Law Enforcement and thought the Marine Corps experience would be helpful to him.

…I can tell you why my son decided to join; his grades were not that great, plus he wanted to travel, and, yes, he wants to be the "Best of the Best." I am proud of him and I know God has plans for him. He searched all of the military plans and the Marines is what is best for him. It will teach him discipline and help him to grow up. I hope that answers your question.

…My son joined just shy of 3 years after high school graduation. He was a pre-med student, almost enough hours to be classified as a junior, and had a full-time job that paid well for a college student. We have had various family members in the various branches of the military through the years, including a nephew currently in the Army and one of my son's best friends joined the Corps right after high school, was with a FAST unit and served in Iraq. Believe me, it wasn't the stories that prompted him to join, his friend hoped he'd never have to do the things he did or see the things that he saw, a lot of stuff was very hard for him to talk about, even to his best friends.

…My son was already 21 so didn't consult us on this topic until he had pretty much already made up his mind to quit school and join. I told him it was his decision to make but I wanted him to pray about it and be sure he was being led to do this. He told me he'd already been doing so and he felt he was being called to do this. He's always been and still is one who wants and strives to be the best at everything he does, so I guess the other branches wouldn't have been good enough for him -- he wanted to be one of the best – and he wanted to have the best training.

…I think it is enough that they want it. We just need to be there for them, even if we don't understand.

… Some might say that is a mystery of the ages – why do we choose what we choose?

…I am very proud of my son and all of our young people who choose this very difficult path, especially in times like these. They make so many sacrifices that the common person never even thinks about. They are all a cut above the rest of their generation, in my book, for they have chosen to take on the responsibility to perform tasks that the rest of their peers don't have the courage, loyalty, or stomach to tackle. They are willing to go wherever told and do whatever is asked of them on a moment's notice, not because they are fearless, not because they wouldn't rather be home with family safe and secure, but because they know in their hearts that someone has to make sacrifices for our nation to remain the strong, free nation that she has been for over 200 years. They have beliefs and convictions that are truly outstanding. This doesn't mean that I'd necessarily like each of them if I met them all, or that they would all like each other, they won't, but they do share a heart of a patriot and it is that heart that made our country.

…My son said he chose the military because he believed it could help him develop self-discipline. He visited recruiters for all of the different branches – army, air force, navy, coast guard, and Marines. His stated his reason for choosing the Marines because the recruiter was so much more inspiring than the other guys were. He looked at him and saw “The Best” and wanted to be “The Best” too. Having been raised with the “always do your best” philosophy, it seemed a perfect fit to him. He had his ups and downs in the first few weeks of boot camp, but before the first month there had passed he sent a letter to his dad and me stating he had “found his calling.” He’ll be deployed early next year and is anxious to do his part.

…Another young man from our town left for boot camp a couple of weeks ago and has never been fully able to articulate why he chose to become a Marine. That is, other than to say he felt “led” to do it. He had made his college plans and had been accepted but was very reluctant to apply for scholarships or financial aid – he just could never buckle down and do the work even though it didn’t seem difficult. He said he just had the nagging feeling that going to school right now wasn’t where he belonged. He needed to become a Marine. Someday he would like to work in law enforcement so military service is a great path toward that end. It will be interesting to talk with him in a few months when he visits home for his 10-day leave.

…In answer to your question – I don’t know, but thank goodness for everyone they do.

…My son told me "Mom, it's my generation's turn. And, I don't want you or Chris (his little brother) to worry about stepping out of the front door at home and someone trying to blow you up. I have to help keep them from coming here." That was my son's reason.

…They do it for the love of doing it, as boys, and they do it for what they see to be the thrill of it all as well. What you feel is not going to pass, but it’s what it is, and it was his choice. Be oh so proud that he wants to do this and was not told he had to do this. There is a big difference in him knowing he has your blessing, and he will make it through boot camp knowing he has a vpmm (very proud Marine mom). The time he is in boot camp will go by fast. To help yourself and him, send letters, letters, and more letters! He will write home and vent and then he will tell you of his accomplishments, and then you will know Why he wanted to be a United States Marine. I hope this helps you out some.

…No one knows the answer to your question. My son too is into his fourth week at boot camp, and I am still in shock. I asked “Why the Marines?” and his reply was, "I've been praying about it Mom, and I keep coming up with the same answer… The Marine Corps." I really am very afraid but at the same time very proud. Know one wants to know that their son has a possibility of going to war, but the reality is who else? My son is my first born, we have endured many things together him and his sisters. But I know this is what he wants to do and our Father in Heaven wants him there also. So we have to be brave and cry our eyes out when no one is looking. Because our sons are brave enough to serve our country, we also should be brave. I know this doesn't ease the worry but keep the attitude that they will endure all things and be protected. They are fighting not only for our families but every one who is blessed to live in this great country.

…My son talked to us for 3 years about joining the Marines and I thought he would out grow it. Well he didn't. Three weeks before he turned 18 he asked us to please go and talk to the recruiters with him. We went and listened to them and then I asked him that question... WHY? He told me that his world changed on 9/11 and he wanted to make sure that his family and other would still have the freedoms that we have now. He was willing to fight to make sure that happened. We then asked him, Why now? You will be 18 in 3 weeks and you won't need us to sign for you. He said I know but I want your blessing. Right then my son became a man. I also asked why the Marines? He said that they are the best. Our kids are very special.
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