Saturday, February 10, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Why would we listen to Putin about much of anything?

What is wrong with having a missile defense in Europe? Vladimir Putin is very concerned about the USA installing one in Poland or Chechnya. Unless Russia is planning to use a missile against these countries, I don't see the problem. Here is the leader of Russia that cut off a gas supply this winter to a little country there at its disputed borders, the country that grabbed two oil fields from the Persian Gulf before we were bombed at Pearl Harbor. During Desert Storm and Desert Shield we furnished Israel with just such a peace weapon. In order for the Persian Gulf War to even stand a chance, we had to be sure that Israel did not use its right to retaliate against Saddam Hussein lobbing missiles into their country. That is all that country was allowed to use to defend itself and the world was ready to go up in smoke unless that country stuck within that guide line. They had to use that missile defense system several times and it worked pretty good, it seems to me. I also remember that it was Putin’s country that armed Iraq ... illegally I might add. It seems also that the whole South American continent is falling in line with Hugo Chavez and his Dictatorship. Just another Hitler is all the man is. The only thing is that he is within range to blow the USA off the face of the earth. He stood in front of the UN and in a booming outraged voice offered to help anyone who would strike a war blow to the USA. It is time to lay the politics aside and to admit that we are in a mell of a hess in our country. Before it is too late ... SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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