Saturday, February 10, 2007

For Flag Gazer


The handsome little animals in this photograph are well-bred Angora goats, not yet a year old. They look like aristocrats and they should, for Angoras are the blueblooded elite of the goat world. Their long, curly, silky fleece, known commercially as mohair, is used in making fine upholstery, yarn and fabrics. Angora goats are dainty, shy, and not at all smelly. Their fleece is so rich in healthy oil (lanolin) that goatmen who handle them a lot have pink, soft hands like a baby's.

Goats are among the oldest and best friends that man has. There are 137 mentions of goats in the Bible. Goats were among the first animals brought to America by Captain John Smith and Lord Delaware. A frisky Arabian goat, according to legend, discovered the stimulating effects of the coffee bean. Great thinkers of history like Zoroaster, Buddha and Confucius all said kind words about goats. Modern men who get to know them, including Author Carl Sandburg, Conductor Artur Rodzinski and Mahatma Gandhi, usually think they are wonderful, and pictures like this one help explain why.

Life August 31, 1942


Flag Gazer said...

Aren't they cute???!!!!

De'on Miller said...

They are so cute. And I found this entire article very interesting. I bet it's a neat life.