Thursday, February 08, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Current Female Leadership Setting Us Back

Seems Madam Speaker of the house is insisting on an airplane to rival that of Air-Force One. Why oh why am I even the slightest bit chagrined? Maybe I should even find it somewhat amusing, but I don't. It makes my blood boil. Wave a red flag in front of an enraged bull and you will get an honest evaluation of my mood.

Shelia Jackson Lee of Texas pulled a similar stunt on a commercial flight to D.C. Something wasn't up to what she deemed her due and she let loose. "I am an important Congresswoman blah blah blah.” This kind of degrading behavior reflects poorly on us as a nation. It should shame us as women. And especially in light of the fact that someone needs reminding of how Pelosi came to be in the position she’s in.

Listen up oh self-inflected EGOS out there: President Bush won by the majority vote of our entire nation. Cheney was his running mate; therefore, he too is an elected official by the same voters. The rest of you men and women, democratic or republican, are there by a squeak in your home state, and usually because we can’t stand your opponent. Not because we are enamored of you. Far from it. Get on that national election ticket and give us a chance at you and see for yourself. Condi Rice is the only female that acts with any degree of decorum. In all things she conducts herself befitting... example: the term "An Officer and a Gentleman.” Hillary, chief among you, has had to face just the voters in N.Y. She has never had to face a national vote on her own. When our female leaders act like a bunch of desperate housewives turned politician, then it does more to hurt the female movement—it sets it back years.

A word about so many candidates running for president, and doing so early each year. See what it got you with John Kerry. And you know what, he hasn't a clue. In his mind he is some big heroic statesman, with superior intelligence. Not even close. Yes, President Bush comes from a powerful family; his back-ups are the same ones who pulled the Middle East out of the fire during Desert Storm Desert Shield when Saddam Hussein tried to take over the oil rich Kuwait. John Kerry has Madam Ketchup and poor old Cindy Sheehan. He has his record of being anti-military and his activism to run on. As far as being brilliant, he is not. He came from a family whose name sparked recognition to someone somewhere. Not to me. He came up with pretty much everything except money in his pocket. An Aunt paid for his college education. He graduated with grade points slightly below that of President Bush from Harvard.

Recently, there was an article about the men running for President who are also veterans. John McCain, POW etc. When it got to Kerry’s it told the whole Swift Boat Hero business again. Only this time the arm he used was an injured arm. He can’t help himself.

Hillary truly scares me. She really does. Hell has no fury like that of a woman scorned. She was scorned in the highest position available to her. Wife of the President. Her claim to fame is as Bill’s wife. Oh...and the education. Just like Pelosi. Madame Speaker is the daughter of so and so. WHO? Shelia Jackson Lee, who knows, and for that matter who really cares? Same for Barbara Boxer...short and stands on a box to speak in microphones. Now Ms. Pelosi wants to also take friends and colleagues on trips with her. What a poor pathetic example of female leadership. The woman who sewed a fairy costume; don't make me laugh. But please, SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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