Sunday, February 04, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Prince, Playboy, and the Pulitzer

Well I am again old gripey guts. I don't really know what I expected during the Super Bowl. What I got was the musician now known as Prince who as you all may recall was the musician formerly known as Prince. He really is supposed to be some sort of musical genius and I suppose that it is true, but I am still stuck somewhere in the past it seems. Why everything in my life seems to go flat as far as my expectations are, is beyond me. I think it was last year that the Rolling Stones performed and all I remember about that is that I felt Mick Jagger should have worn a jacket or at least kept his arms down, so his underarms didn't jiggle so much, but truthfully, I find him much more sensuous than Prince. Men in high heels boots have always been kind of a turn-off for me.

Anyway I lost my bet on the game. I wanted the Chicago Bears to win. I can look out my window and see all kinds of things that are named after Brian Urlacher: the training center, stadium, etc. Now number 54 of the Chicago Bears could get up at half-time and sing Mairzy Dotes and Dozy Dotes and I would swoon. It finally dawned on me that maybe I just like hunks.

A poll was taken last week and more people would have wanted to attend the Playboy Super Bowl Party than to go to see the Super Bowl. Oh well, to each his own. I would never take Hugh Hefner over Urlacher and that is a fact. De'on had a chance to go to the Playboy Mansion and get her body painted. She turned it down flat. It shows we are rather a dull set, my daughter and I. Now my other daughter would have most likely jumped at the chance and my daughter in law could have stepped right up and let them paint her body with pride. She is, of course, much better endowed than my daughters. Mentally she would not fit in because she is also very brainy, even though she is a natural blonde. That is definitely a no-no, brains I mean.

Before I finish up my day I would like to end on something positive which is this. I have finally been reading my all time favorite book. It is The Caine Mutiny. I have enjoyed it above any book I have ever read. I now have a new goal which is to read every book that Herman Wouk ever wrote and to also read all of the books that have won Pulitzer Prizes. To be honest, I really do enjoy my life very much. I also fully SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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