Friday, February 09, 2007

No, We'll Never Forget!

Some of you will have seen these photos before, but many of you haven't since they were taken when we first started our blog. Regardless, I hope you like them. These two of Hennessy and Aaron's duffle bag were taken on the night before Steve left for Iraq. We took these pictures of Hen because he smelled Aaron. This duffle, as well as one I gave to Steve, never made it to Iraq. They were left with some of Aaron's stuff when he came to Amarillo on Valentine's weekend 2004.
When I brought the two bags into the den, Hennessy got on it and sniffed and sniffed. And then he stayed there for several hours. Steve's foot is showing in each of the photos ... I didn't crop ... we'll let Steve keep his feet and clean socks.

Photos of Hen were taken October 4, 2006

Steve and De'on @ Lubbock International Airport

October 5, 2006

Bye, Steve. You're smiling here because you haven't heard the bad news on the visa. And too, you haven't been shot yet.


steve ramos said...

I might not have been shot yet, but I swear, I'm standing like I've been shot. What's up with my legs? Do I really stand like that?!

De'on Miller said...

No. It must have just been this time. ;)