Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well, turn around so we can see you!

Karen Grigsby
Thanksgiving 2006


De'on Miller said...

You sure are pretty in that kitchen. And our food tastes better when YOU make our plates! :)

LT Rich said...

Hey Karen, looking good. HOORAH Karen! I'm impressed. I need you to come out to Cali with me. I'm heading to Hueneme Sunday for a couple of weeks to help instruct the newbee officers coming into the Seabees.

De'on Miller said...

Yea! LT Rich ... see how good you guys are ... but I'm not giving my position up here!

Lisa said to me, "You give tests?" lol

Well sure, and Karen's a great sport. I hope she doesn't ever leave me. I won't have anyone to teach!

aunt karen said...

LT Rich,
Thanks for the Hoorah! The test was fun. What battalion are you with now? I hope your trip is a safe one, Bro. Did you get the card I sent? You better get busy packing!

De'on Miller said...

And a couple of weeks should bring more than a couple of stories I know our readers will enjoy! Take notes! :)