Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Original Test 2: Posted January 13, 2007 and Winner!

Please see test posted on January 13, 2007 for test questions (although at this point class, I don't see the interest that I'd hoped to see.)

Ahh, well, it is your education. But keep in mind, I'd make a pretty good reference on that resume in your future. And class, my memory is pretty sharp on some things. I shan't forget this anytime soon; I can promise you that!

While I'm deeply saddened by these results as a whole, once again, it is my STAR Pupil who has gladdened my heart. Hence the rainbow of color.

Oh, it is truly, we girls, once again, GUYS; GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL.



THE WINNER IS ... drum roll, please!

Karen Grigsby
aka aunt karen
aka Cadet Karen
Letter grade = A+
Karen received 79 pts out of a possible 80.
She received 10 extra points for going beyond the call of duty.
And she also received 10 pts. extra credit for turning her paper in early.
results for this portion of the exam = 99/80 =? (yes, a pop quiz. what is Karen's grade point on this portion of the exam?)

Test 2 Part A

1. a. MCPON Joe Campa
b. MCPON Terry Scott

2. a. 2 meals a day
b. Japanese canned fish and rice
c. 6 weeksF [I'm not sure what this F is for. It's certainly not your grade!]

3. LVT(1)- the Landing Vehicle, Tracked (1) or AMTRAC

4. a. Navy ETT ( Embedded Training Team) 620 A
b. Afghanistan National Army Medics

5. Driver, Gunner, MedTech, Rear Security ***perfect!

6. Syrian Border- Northwestern Iraq

7. Providing berthing spaces, places to cook food, eat, shower, do laundry, store water and fuel, manage waste, provide electrical power ** good!

8. Double Duece Deployed- November 10, 2005, Volume 2/ No.4

9. a. A Military endeavor executed by Coalition Forces in early November 2005 to blunt the profusion of foreign insurgents crossing the border and joining the Iraqi Insurgency
b. It was the first large scale deployment of the New Iraqi Army.
c. a phase of the larger Military Offensive, Operation Hunter (Operation Sayaid in Arabic) designed to secure the border area between Iraq and Syria near the town of Al Qaim in the Al Anbar Province. The goal was to gain control over the Euphrates River Valley while disrupting insurgent activities there and denying entrance to the country for foreign fighters from Syria. This Operation was to be carried out by the US in conjunction with Iraqi border guards and parts of the Iraqi 7th Army division. Initiated in July of 2005. [This description that you give here is very impressive. EXTRA credit = 5 pts.]

10. a. called- Caduceus insignia
b. as early as 2600 BC in Mesopotamia

11. True


Test 2 Part B

12. c- 31/2 years

13. Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class- paygrade E[-5]
– 1 pt. out of possible 2 pts.

14. a. Afghanistan

15. d. all of the above

16. b. AK-47

17. d. all of the above

18. a. Civil Engineer

19. b. COP South ( Iraq)

20. c. both a and b

21. b. bridges and cities

22. d. both a and b

23. a. Served as General of the 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal. He is a World War II Medal of Honor Recipient and 18th Commandant of the Marine Corps. General Vandergrift died May 8, 1973. He was 86. Intered at Arlington National Cemetery. [another excellent description] EXTRA credit = 5 pts.

24. a. Heavy conservation measures were taken.

25. a. her son's unit has a history there.

26. b. her Uncle Lonnie's unit has a history there

+ 10 pts. for turning test in early! Great Job!


aunt karen said...

Boys are rotten, made of cotton!
Girls are sexy, made of pepsi!
(Aaron's childhood song, and he pronounced girls, gills)
Thanks, Teach, for such a good grade. I really enjoyed this test. If I still have a choice on a book, I would like the Corpsman book.(I already have a signed copy of Operation Homecoming, I was lucky enough to get the first of Teach's special complimentary copies)
Thank all of you again for such a wonderful blog!

De'on Miller said...

Thank you. I can hear that song ... that voice!

aunt karen said...

If I figured this right, I have a 4.0 grade point average. What is it, Teach?

De'on Miller said...

for sure ... but what about my pop quiz question?

You lead the pack.