Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A pugil stick is a heavily padded training weapon used by military personnel for bayonet training since the 1930's or 1940's. Similar to a quarterstaff or Japanese bo, the pugil stick may be marked at one end to indicate which portion represents the bayonet proper and which the butt of the rifle. Pugil bouts are usually conducted with hard contact while wearing protective gear such as groin protectors, American football helmets, hockey gloves and chest protectors or shinguards such as worn by baseball catchers. Other pugil sticks may be built with integrated handguards. Because of the potential for injury, military procedures for pugil bouts are often quite detailed, with United States Army and United States Marine Corps prohibiting pugil training by anyone who has recently suffered concussion of the brain lest they suffer traumatic brain injury.

P. T. = Physical Training

BDU's = Battle Dress Uniform (other branches call them cammies, utilities ...)

'Hawkeye' = 40 targets hit out of 40 targets aimed at

buddy system = not sure how it is for others, but for us, where we went, our buddy had to go. Laundry, PX, maybe not the latrine, but everywhere else.

oh yeah, Latrine - bathroom

PV1 = E-1, addressed as 'Private'

PV2 - E-2 (automatic advance in paygrade by time in), still addressed as 'Private'

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