Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: A Good Man

I was pleasantly surprised with the members of our leaders who were in attendance at the State Of The Union Speech. They acted civil for a change. Hillary had a smile that would have rivaled Mona Lisa. I am also grateful that John Kerry announced he would not run for president. The general consensus is that if Obama was all white, that no one would pay much attention to him and I agree. I do remember his speech at the Democratic Convention and he was impressive as heck....We shall see. But it is my opinion that in the final analysis, Hillary will beat him in the run-offs. She might suffer because the black vote would probably go for Obama. I really don't know that much about the other candidates or the Democratic runners at the moment. Bill Richardson threw his hat in the ring and I think he will go pretty far. I know he always seems charming and has a formidable record in politics.

Politics is the hardest ballgame in the world and I would never be cut out for it. I would never want fame because I value privacy almost obsessively. I would hate cameras and all the questions shouted from everywhere, but then I could never be the reporter who shouts at them. I find them so rude.

Old Ted Kennedy was not anymore pleasant than ever. Same old computer flatulence that he always is. Is it just that in my mind the vision of the girl on the bottom of the lake is always there with me when I look at him? Truthfully, I don't think so. I am sure that it would influence negatively in that regard, but to me the line you absolutely do not cross is treason. What he did to the mother of his children in exposing her drunk to the press was outside of any compassion I would ever feel for him. I really believe that could be the unpardonable sin. If Ted had any spirit, he sinned against it.

Power has to be the most corrupting force on earth. You know the quote in the Bible about it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to get into heaven? When one gets to be my age, you have an eye out for what comes next. The hereafter becomes the most important part. Truly it becomes the desire of one’s heart. I have such a hard time managing to be a decent human being.

I am really glad that wealth and power are not things that were thrown into my life. So it is the little things that count to me, of what I ask for in a candidate for president. I also do not like the idea of a president backing down in the midst of a war. If the guy prays and has overcome a drinking habit, these are a couple of big plusses to me. Bush seems a sincere man and his wife and daughters seem to be his delight. Big old plus. I also appreciate that he delegates work to others, and yet is not afraid to go with his own judgment. I guess you could say he’s a good guy. I leave anything more than that to God.

I haven't a clue how many times my heart has beaten or just how many breaths I have taken. But it is the same as it always was, day and night for 70 years. To me that is an absolute miracle. In closing I would like to pass on another quote from the Book of Life to my grand daughter. ”Friendship with the world is enmity to God." Popular is not important. Self respect is the only wealth that counts if you have good values. I really would like everyone to pray for our leader right now, his new plan for more troops is very important. It may be that our last heartbeat and final breath we take depend on it. I do see where there is a rapture written within the Bible. It may just be that within that perfect sinless wisdom, that every heart and breath is counted and has been forever. I also believe that it will occur before the end. I believe that we will truly go when the trumpet shout "Come up here" takes place. So I guess I would have to admit that I don't require too much in a president, but then I trust him with my life, at least my time on this side of eternity. SUPPORT THE TROOPS and pray for our president.

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