Monday, January 22, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Somebody Box-her!

The president of our great country will make a State of the Union speech tomorrow night and from what I have been reading on the net and editorials, I wouldn't want to trade places with our speaker! It is the hardest thing for me to realize that our elected officials can be so self-serving, and care so little for the safety of us, the American public.

“Bush lied to us, there were no weapons of mass destruction,” they say to us. But I remember we were warned by Bill Clinton and various other Washington Big-Wigs of the weapons, and if you remember when we first went into Iraq, every American was behind our troops, except those who live among us and are Un-American as far as I am concerned.

The low skilled people who have the paid jobs of demonstration have no true allegiance one way or another. Oh, they may get caught up in the moment. But the really sad thing is the apathy of the American public. I don't mean the readers of Gunz-up. If you are even coming to this blog every once in while, you at least care about our country. Does anyone remember the signs on the back of the workers that said BABY MILK FACTORY? Yes, and in English. Now take a big guess and tell me who the target audience to that was.

Yet that stuff hits home. We have become so numb to the fact that we are induced into words that deceive us. We will vote for someone who is against the war because it is preached on every side that we should be against it. Barbara Boxer and her speech (she makes me sick, anyway) demanding Condi Rice tell she should have no voice in the war because she has no children. If her statement is correct then De'on no longer has a right to an opinion. She is childless. No matter how you dress it up, that is what it means. Now as to me ... what rights do I have? Two of my children have no children of their own so I look at the two grandchildren that are left to me. One would fall in the zone that gives me a right to care; my grandson, Zach. Since the other one is not old enough to serve in the military, I have a while yet to have an opinion. According to this mentality, war doesn’t affect me in the least. I should then look at my great-grandson. Way too young. I am not even in the ball-park where this game is played.

I am amazed that the women of our nation let that one pass. What a cheap little shot from a cheap little trickster. She knows that very few will even take this reasoning and will eventually figure out that this is the height of an insult to a Gold-Star Mother. One that lost her only son in Iraq. It also insulted the Mother of that Gold-Star mother. Some say she owes Condi Rice an apology. I think she should resign! FOR SHAME BARBARA BOXER, FOR SHAME.... YOU DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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De'on Miller said...

I didn't know about her, Mom. I get my news on the Internet, and I would have certainly bypassed this. I just can't take their negativity and I'm so thankful for my friends and family on the Internet.

I hate that she upset you, and I'd try to get you away from these kind of things, but I might as well go hug a tree!

If she said something so ignorant as that, most of the Gold Star Mothers will ignore her. People like that are nothing to us. We are strong women who raised strong sons and daughters. Even those who may be against the war entirely are smarter than this. But I guess like all "smart talking people" she was given enough rope to hang herself!