Thursday, January 25, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Fat out of the Fire

I see in this week’s Time Magazine that a citizen of Sadr City reported that for one week last October while looking for a missing U.S. soldier, death squads were cut down by 50%. Ralph Peters, U.S. Army officer, ret., said "The best way to Sadr WITH Sadr City is to just do it. Dithering wont help."

Sadr City is the slum around Baghdad and this is where the death squads lurk. If our military can cut down death by 50% for one week during an intense maneuver; 21,000 more troops might just pull the fat out of the fire. I hope and pray that it does. I think that it will be hard for Congress to stop the troops and I am sure they don’t dare not fund the troops. Some are asking that.

Cindy Sheehan talks a lot.

If it doesn't work by a great show of force in six months, I am truly afraid it is over for the United States. If Congress can possibly make this into a suicide mission, they will. I cannot understand the thinking behind it. Is political ambition more important than us being able to hold? More important than Our Boots on the Ground? You hate to go that far. But if it turns out that way, then it’s sickening.

No matter which party wins, they are in for four years. Four years is a lifetime in politics. The war issue is the only issue and the present majority in the House and Senate has no new ideas. Failure for our military is victory for them. It is so disheartening, but alas I see it in no other light. In the Democratic response to Bush's State of the Union address, a Mr. Webb lied when he said the military majority wants to come home. That’s a bald face lie and he knows it. He is a new one this year so I have not got him nailed down yet.

Congratulations to the new majority. I hope you are satisfied. It is heart lifting to me that McCain and Giuliani are the voter’s choice by far. Maybe we are not as dumb as some might have hoped. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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