Monday, January 22, 2007

Slow Motion

Hey sorry aunty that I told you I would post the other night but my life is CRAZY right now. Those Texas people sure do know how to throw the homework on you. Geez!!!! I got extremely mad. So here is my poem. It is called Slow Motion because when life is going bad for you it seems to be going in slow motion.

Slow Motion
Thrown in a hurry.
Dirt with fresh scratches on your face.
Something kicked you to get up, the earth beneath you maybe.
Shaking results from caring.
Strands of hair whispering down across your face.
You just assume die but you are forced to suffer the wounds first.
The wind sings a doom song with ashing footsteps.
Nervousness boiled your confidence down to a froth of worthlessness.
It's a uniqe pattern actually.
Deciding you can't take anymore so you move.
Most of the time yo wish weakness was erased from your soul.
The people are the wolves and you are the rat.
They are strong and you are not.
Your flesh releases a cold sweat of disappointment.
But come to think of it your problems are based on individuality and turn
Out to be unique.
Who's complaining?
by Kayla 1/21/07
Yeah, I am wanting to learn of other tyes of poems to write other than depressing but that is all that I can think of. I didn't add all the complicated words this time, but I like too. Without them poems feel so childish. I hate rhyming, it is very childish. But that is just me. Well aunty I hope you know not everyone has a couch to sit on all day so cut me some slack. Ha ha ha! Just kidding.


Kayla Jewell said...

I love writing so much. I wish I could quit school and write all day. My language arts teacher is not good, so it looks like I will be teaching myself that stuff the rest of this year.

De'on Miller said...

Well, little Miss, it seems as if you've come to the right place. Your aunty is about to check and see who all turned in their tests.

Did you take it?

Your poem is excellent and I'm so glad to see your sweet hand back!

Do people from Texas teach you? I'm confused. I thought we were in Tatum?

It'll all work out sweetie. Tough age, and you're hitting everything at once and handling it beautifully.

Read God Calling for the 22nd. It's posted and I love you so very much and I wouldn't change one tiny speck of anything about you!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you feel that rhyming is childish. Some of the greatest poets in the world rhyme and they are by far still the most famous. Not rhyming in poetry is a fairly new thing and has yet to stand the test of time. I think yours is beautiful. It sound like you do not like your new school. I am sorry. Love Grany

Kayla Jewell said...

Oh well I know Tatum isn't Texas but they act real southern. They always talk about Texas. What I meant about the rhyming was that I sound childish not famous poets!!!!
School is good I just don't fit. Hmmm, I wonder why, maybe I am just too quiet?