Tuesday, January 23, 2007

FEMALE ON THE FLOOR! PV1 Austin, Ft. Gordon, Georgia

Taking a little break out in front of Delta Company after taking care of some kind of "Private Duty"; no doubt.
PV1 De'on Austin
Ft. Gordon, GA.
Summer of '88

It was at Ft. Gordon, Georgia I heard the best advice I've ever heard. One of our Drill Sergeants said to us once: "I don't know what to tell you, Private. Go hug a tree."

Somehow, the thought of that tree hugging business just seemed to make everything all right.

Many times in my life, I've thought of that ... go hug a tree.

That's all you can do.


De'on Miller said...

Look at this photo and then look at the photo of Aaron at the top. The same expression is coming out of Aaron's eyes and that third of his face.

I was absolutely shocked when I got this out after so many years. Actually, this and a few of the other photos come out of the photo album Lisa made for Aaron, and after so many years, it is stuck behind the plastic.

But when I saw Aaron's face in mine, it shocked me. I've never thought he resembled me except for his eyebrows. Of course,"What happened to my eyebrows?" I asked Greg.

He said, "They turned gray."

My eyebrows are not gray. And Greg is color blind besides. I always thought my eyes were one of my best physical characteristics, and after several months of us being in love, I learn that Greg thought my eyes were brown. They're green!

But anyway, I have maybe 2 gray eyebrows. But even though they're not gone; they are gone? What happens to eyebrows? I haven't seen little eyebrow hairs anywhere.

But after Greg said that, he said he definitely saw Gary in me. Of course, I've always thought that.

aunt karen said...

It's funny, I have always thought that Aaron resembled you the most. There is a picture of him that you have posted a few times here on the blog, a close up that looks like he is on some kind of bus, where I think he looks exactly like Gary. Aaron inherited those thick eyebrows that you and Gary both had ( Gary's have thinned considerably, also. I don't know why that has happened to you both, I guess age, but I think I know where those eyebrow hairs have gone. As I age, mine keep getting thicker! I think I may be accumilating them!)

De'on Miller said...

You are crazy!:) lol. And I like how you phrased that it may be age!