Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FEMALE ON THE FLOOR! PV2 De'on Austin, Ft. Lee, VA

Enroute to DC. AIT (my 2nd one!) is nearly over.
Thank goodness!

My messy locker

and Ft. Lee gave very little time to wear civilian clothes. We only got to leave base once that I can remember. During this 8 week Quartermaster School, I, a 76 Victor (Materiel and Storage Handling) clerk type, but also FORKLIFT DRIVER ! (YES! and it wasn't pretty!) had already been spoiled in Ft. Gordon, GA. at my Avionic Special Equipment Repairer school (which I bombed). Just realized how bad that sounds, I didn't bomb the school, I bombed the course.

At Ft. Gordon:

  • I could wear make-up
  • unless one had "duty" of some sort, or a GI party to attend, once school was out, one was OFF!
  • could leave every weekend and go into Augusta


At Ft. Lee

  • no
  • notta
  • nunca


aunt karen said...

You're beautiful, my sister. I remember how I was in awe of how brave you were to enlist. I love this series.

De'on Miller said...

It had nothing to do with bravery ... but staying in certainly did! And for those who served with me, they were the real brave ones! I know everyone in the United States breathed a sigh of relief when I joined! But thank you ... you are the beauty!

Check out the comment I'm about to put on the Ft. Gordon photo.

Anonymous said...

De'on difinitely a cutie. You be sure and puy up the pictures of you in DC on inorgiration day for Georgh Bush SR. Love Mom

De'on Miller said...

I will ... don't give away my stories! :) lol

But I still want to know about the eyebrows thing.