Saturday, January 27, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Hanoi Jane

Do we as Americans really care what "Hanoi Jane" has to say about the War on Terror or should we just take her actions in the past as what she really stands for? How about when she posed in a cheese-cake picture on top of one of the Viet Cong gunner tanks; one that was manufactured with the express purpose of killing our American troops. How about when she visited the American prisoners of war who passed her little secret notes to wives, mothers, and girlfriends, and she took them all with a smile on her face and turned them over to the Viet Cong. Our prisoners of war, yes the very ones who fought for her right of free speech, and she did that. Now she is marching at our Capitol, making speeches against the War on Terror.

We were attacked viciously by an enemy we did not know existed and now we have Jane Frigging Fonda leading the way with other celebrities. What is it with these old has-beens? Do they really feel they have the right to condemn anything about the defense of our country when this one in particular was famous for breaking a waterbed with her sexual escapades and has the blood guilt on her hands for betrayal of fighting forces during the Vietnam War? You can certainly tell who is in the majority once again. The Hollywood Liberals are out in full force, and she, the traitor to our military, is at it again.

She was at a book signing in Albuquerque about a year or so ago and she had a Marine spit tobacco juice in her face. He said he had waited a long time to let her know what she meant to him.

Who wants a speaker to lead that is a known and vicious betrayer of our country and of our military men and women? As I have said in the past and will repeat over and over again, this is so Un-American, but then what can you expect? She caused American prisoners in the hands of a cruel enemy to be tortured. Is this what we really want? Or do we, UNLIKE HANOI JANE ... SUPPORT OUR TROOPS?

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Flag Gazer said...

Well put, Virgie Bell...

My Mom was quite even tempered and kind to a fault, unless you said "Jane Fonda" and she would have the look of a cornered tiger ready to strike.