Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Sorry

Well, I'm here to apologize for calling the mat man a maggot and other stuff. That was wrong of me and I took it down.

On to better things.

My husband is elated of course! The Colts are going to the dance. He said he was sorry to the whole team, me, God, everybody, for how he acted the first half of the game. And he's really not going to burn his shirt. He loves his shirt. And even though the male babies are still afraid of the popping wood; they at least are staying in our bedroom today. Daddy is not hollering.

So, it's all good. I turned on the TV, but must have missed John Gibson's story. After a short while, I had to turn it off again. I just cannot stand to listen to people argue.

But anyway, YEA Colts ... and I'll be back. Dinner is cooked, the laundry nearly done, the bathroom cleaned, and after I mop, I'll be all ready for my new housekeeper tomorrow.

Talk to you later ... I'm here!



Steve Ramos said...

Did I miss something?

De'on Miller said...

yeah. i guess you did. where have you been? working on your essay, I suppose!

steve ramos said...

I was in Amarillo all day, taking pictures for that guy's Web site and getting more info for it. It was crazy. I went to bed a little after midnight, and I just got up (5 a.m.) so I can work on his Web site and try to finish it this week.