Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Rewind

Did anyone notice that we are in the middle of a soap opera? The world is a stage and you have the part you long for. The absolutely, uniquely you. Or perhaps you are living in the most terrifying yet compelling part of history. The one known as THE WAR ON TERROR. So anyway, I'll be me and you be you.

Enter stage left.

There is much to be said for not being wealthy. Often it is equated with not being very bright and often enough, this is true. We know which roll we play. Our part in life shapes our character and you are not going to forget your lines. Those lines are written into your soul, each paragraph a principal part, each chapter a life, and the sum of all of this is a nation.

We hear a strangely familiar voice, full with menacing nuclear threats coming from the Far East. A threat against us and against other young democracies.

The simple cab driver can become the enraged terrorist and can run down his passengers because they didn't agree with his religious views. Simply put: the sum of every word spoken through all eternity still holds. Read the history of all civilization. This too, the cab driver and all the passengers who didn’t think it necessary to take time to trust or question. Another surprise attack takes place on the battleground of New York, again.


Sound effects: screaming, crying, crashing.

Scenery: black smoke rises, flames reach into the sky; they are furious as they boast of their most recent conquest. you remember? I do.


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