Saturday, February 24, 2007

Docs Duty: Because of Camp Phoenix TMC and TF Phoenix

... Hope

Thank you so much, Docs and Medics the world over. I'm so glad this man loved his son so much and brought him to all of you.

It's like a story out of the Bible. Thank you for sharing it with Gunz Up.

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De'on Miller said...

I love this photo. The Afghanistan people are beautiful to look at.

I will continue to pray for this child. What a testimony this is. It's times like these that I know each and every life that remains here is shackled here to complete their purpose for not only God, but for humanity, for man, whom God loves so very very much.

I have wondered if those who were baptized a day or two after Aaron was killed were part of Aaron's purpose. As time goes on, I know the far reaching implications of his return to the God who formed him have made their mark or planted their seed in ways of which I'll never know until I go and have that long conversation with my Father and my son.

Thank you, TMC for allowing us to vicariously be touched by the work that you do and the people you meet.