Monday, February 19, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Big Macs and leaders, trim the fat!

Does anyone really care that Cameron Diaz stands back up to Al Gore? That Queen Laftia can reach over and pick a little lint off of his shoulder? That all of Hollywood seems to be turning out in celebration of their new college and newest star? I find it humiliating that a man who once held the office of Vice President can proudly surround himself with such outrageous fluff. I mean I voted for this guy in that I voted for Bill Clinton...Twice! I shouldn't be surprised. Looking back, that was about as undignified as the Presidential administration could get. Bill Clinton couldn't pass a fast food establishment with out getting a Big Mac, then take a big old hoggish bite and wash it down with a giant swig of soft drink.

Maybe I am some sort of stuck up crab, but you know I would really like to see a little dignity in our President. Good table manners are still possible with junk food. Chew the food well with your mouth closed, swallow the food and then sip your drink. Wash your hands before eating. Basic stuff. Does anyone really believe that with the price of hamburger these junk food joints can sell one for 99 cents? Come on... not in your wildest dreams can it compute.

In his spare time while he was obsessed with Osama Ben Laden he had a little intern in the oval office for a little soothing massage to the nether parts, and we are not talking a foot rub. The very one that lied under oath to the American people. Let me tell you I have a right to look back on this with ire. It was, after all, my vote that helped to get that sucker in there. But in my defense I would like to mention that the Marc Rich pardon hadn't happened. I also knew nothing about my tax dollars going to Kim Jung IL so that he could become a nuclear power. I should have known about that. I know it happened on my watch as a voter. Nonetheless, I plead ignorance on that one. Had I known, it wouldn't have made any difference. I didn't know North Korea had as its leader a megalomaniac. No not then. These are facts that have come back to haunt us after it is too late. Now Kim Jung IL wants $200,000 to stop his bomb making. The democrats call this dialogue a smooth move in order to secure peace. I paid for that nuclear power plant armed to blow me off the face of the earth. Now I have to pay $200,000 for his promise not to use it on me. Yes, me, taxpayer, and yes, you too. Oh I remember the side of the USS Cole being blown apart back then. I also remember the basement of the Twin Towers being car bombed. I looked to my leaders in Washington to gauge my response, I saw they were not concerned, just strolling down the street with a goofy grin and a Big Mac and I finally put it out of my mind. After all, what could I do about it? I could do nothing.

Well now I am awake, also I have no other choice but to deal with these issues. I will pay $200,000 to this short dumpy little leader who has convinced his people that his first time to play golf he hit 5 holes in one. He is their "Beloved Leader", that is his official title. He also is a direct descendant of the Sun God. Well, that is what the people of North Korea believe, just exactly like the Japanese believed the same of the Emperor Hirohito. This takes it completely out of the thinking sphere of those of us in the Western world. We no savvy.

Too bad we could follow a very flawed man with the background of an Anna Nicole. You might say trailer park mentality. Now we have a continuation of that same with the majority. This is the movie star mentality. You know white trash with money. No wonder we are fixated on Anna Nicole Smith, and for goodness sakes, Cameron Diaz, the other half of the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. That is, she was until recently when he quit her because she lacked the class he found in another's charm.

Well now we are pulling the junk food machines out of the public schools. Come to think of it that is the only thing we can do anything about. All the rest of it is seems the joke is on me... Taxpayer... and yes, you too! Al Gore ... movie star celebrity! White trash! SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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