Sunday, February 18, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: News and Not News

How is it that a 70 year old man could set in front of his TV for over a year dead? Yet it happened in Hampton Bays NY. After freezing temperatures caused pipes to burst at his house and workers were summoned there they found him setting on his couch. The estimation that he had been dead for a year seems to hold up. The man had been blind from the time he was fifty and was widowed years ago. How was it that the electricity remained on with no one paying the bill? Did no one notice mail piling up? It is truly amazing. Neighbors report that he was most assuredly an unpleasant man with no friends but he did have family near by, He was estranged from them for years. Yet this news remains off the air while we are still obsessing over Anna Nicole Smith. I have a hard time understanding the interest that we have in her affairs and yet this poor man doesn't get a bleep on the horizon. How strange.

I have been off the news for a week now. I know that who ever gets the reported eighty million dollars it won’t be me or anyone else concerned with Gunz Up. I guess everyone has an opinion about what will become of her remains. I do have an opinion, not that it matters. I feel that if she had any normal feelings she would have desired to be buried beside her son in Bermuda who died five months ago. She purchased four lots at the time she laid him to rest but really, who knows with her? Her mother is a bimbo also it seems. Any mother that would fight against her burial beside her son is way nuts, but that seems to be the thread that runs through this bloodline. You know, I didn't care about her husband’s money and do not care about whoever may end up with it now. I will truly be glad when it is old enough news that it won’t be in the news any more.

The other news that is screaming out at us is that Britney Spears shaved her head and got a small tattoo. It failed to mention if this little darling had underwear on at the time or not. So here for your convenience is the encapsulated newsflashes. As an old news junky I can tell you that the standards that compel our attention is getting pretty low here as far as news reports go. Oh yes, as a little side bar it might interest you that our troops are fighting for our freedom and the war against we the people by our elected officials in Washington DC rages on. Oh yes, one more thing that should be mentioned is that William Jefferson, you remember the one that honorably snatched $90,000 and hid it in his freezer? Well, he is back in charge of some finance committee. Other news just is not worth mentioning unless it will SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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