Thursday, February 22, 2007

FEMALE ON THE FLOOR! Personal photos from Operation Just Cause

December 1989 Ft. Kobbe--across block from Burger King (one on wheels, I might add :)--Can you see the tents set up across the way? Those belong to 82nd Airborne.
This is the helicopter our 7th Engineer Detachment (Divers) pulled out of the canal. If I'm not mistaken, I believe this was the first U.S. casualty; the LT was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Friendly fire.

At the time, the Army had 110 divers. 536th Engr. Bn. had 12-14 assigned to them. They were such a neat group of guys. Gung ho!
SPC Moss and SPC Austin outside of S-4 (Battalion supply). I was assigned to S-4 when I first arrived. My section changed several times throughout the three years I was there. This was taken before the invasion, thus our shortage of gear. I think I gave away the only 2 photos I had of me "dressed up."

Panamanian refugee and SPC Austin a few days after the invasion. I went with SFC Frances (the very same guy who made me peel potatoes that first or second night after my arrival) to feed the refugees one day. Panamanian himself, SFC Frances felt comfortable riding around in his POV (privately-owned vehicle) which was a red convertible. We took a lot of photos that day of the war.


Diane said...

I have not been on my computer in a while, I'm so glad I got to jump on real quick and take a peek @ what's new on the site. Great Pic!

De'on Miller said...

And we've desperately missed you!