Friday, February 23, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Dancing with the Wallflowers

Now for all us hard news junkies: I thought we were back in business. This last couple of weeks I have had the TV on mute in order to not be present in mind or body to the Anna Nicole Smith debacle and the Britney Being Britney Backlogs but we are still at it. Everyone who claims to be the father of Anna Nicole’s baby (of which there are many) are still all out to sue each other for the right to the money, even if they have to take the baby girl, as they haggle over custody of the body that continues to decompose.

Today Britney is beating up a SUV with an umbrella. There was no report on if she wore her panties to perform this artistic act or not. She did not have on her wig and gave this performance solo sans hair. K-Fed has taken custody of their children. He is among the most awesomely seedy looking men on earth. He looks as if he has never had a full night of sleep in his life. True heroin chick is still in.

You who’ve read this post in the past know how much I enjoyed Dancing with the Stars last season. Well I am miffed with them in the coming season. Paul McCartney’s soon to be very rich ex-wife will be one of the contestants. She did lose part of a leg in an automobile accident some years back but being a cheesecake poster girl has not gone away. As far as I am concerned she just as well shave her head. I am embarrassed for her. Yoko Ono made the newspapers this morning about how the protesters of today are in some way inferior to her and John Lennon's anti war antics. It seems there are truly standards to be met in this contest.

We took Kayla and her Mom with us to Santa Fe once and we really enjoyed a pretty intellectual vacation. It is a city that runs buckets full of history and culture. It is also multi-racial with the best Mexican Food on earth. I could vacation there for a year and still love it. To get to the point, in one of the art exhibits there, one of the artists gave credit for his inspiration to John Lennon. Well of course I pooh-poohed such a thought and Lisa took issue with my statement because it was the great John Lennon after all. Uh did anyone else mistake his antics as intellectual accomplishments? I think not. Just miles and miles of shaved heads in various degrees. All of them.

In politics I think we can look for a real out and out slug fest between Obama and Hillary. Of course I look to report to Gunz up all the wonderful dirt they throw. If I were the president and vice president, I would resign before I would put up with all the many protesters and political enemies. It might do the Democratic Party a real favor to see if they could get us out of what they and slick Willy got us into. In the mean time, I’m that we will still have Kim Jung IL firing off atomic bombs into the ocean in a timely manner and Hugo Chaves seizing oil industries and public information facilities in the name of the government. He is of course, the great admirer of Fidel Castro.

Speaking of Castro, the Cubans in Florida plan to use some famous football stadium to throw a party to celebrate when the old codger finally is dead. I understand it will rival the Mardi gras in its scope. I just hope that we do not have to bear witness to Fergie the constant reminder to the curse of the royals as performing alongside of Sir Paul's ex when we watch Dancing with the Stars. Until then, SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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