Friday, February 23, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Greenhouse and Gardens

Good for Prince Harry who remarked that there was no way he would sit on his "arse" while his troop mates went and fought for his country. He did something stupid when he came to a costume party dressed as a Nazi. This caused quite an uproar. I am sure if I was posting at the time that I had some snide comment about it. At any rate, my family got to hear me denounce him for such a stupid act.

I read Kitty Kelly's book titled The Royals and found it fascinating. I didn't know that the royal family descends from German stock, but they do. The genesis of the royal family was Fredrick 111 who was Emperor of Germany 1831-1888. In fact, during World War Two, they did all within their power to distance themselves from this fact, and did so admirably in my estimation. They stayed right in London while it was being bombed. So many other heads of states head for another country when their own is under attack. Actually it is the self imposed dictators that flee.

The United States is in a peculiar position in the world in that we are the New World. The Old World History is so very old that the Holy Bible is the first record of it. The history in the Bible holds up very well. The Pyramids still stand as testimony to that fact. If the world were to go on, they too would disappear and we would be left with our theories about them as we are with Stonehenge. The reason they will disappear is because of greenhouse gas, a “name” our language only recently adopted.

In Santa Fe, I saw fossils of sea creatures found in NM. If you want to believe that one day your ancestor grew legs and stepped out of the ocean, hey, have at it. Mine stepped out of an ark onto dry land. So the whole earth was covered by oceans. No problem there. The Flood sure happened. Proved by nature over and over again. When God looked at mankind and repented that he had ever made man he promised no more floods. He did not promise no more destruction. In fact, right up to the end God’s word promises that we will be destroyed by fire. The Bible also states that God made all things and that nothing made ever came to be with out Him. So Greenhouse Gas was always there and it always will be. If I were God, I would also throw in a few false trails to confuse the arch enemy.

People look at the beginning of the Bible and see the creation as actual days just like we have. If he wanted to he could have easily done so, but we are told that His ways are not our ways and His Time is not our time. Enough said. Now I don't know we can possibly how we can fix this greenhouse gas problem. It seems our politicians have taken on the role of playing God. We smokers are not the problem. The automobile is the cause. We are not going back to horse and buggy days. The Old World is not going to have its empire. We will continue on this course because it is the course we started on whether your relatives were fish or people. The Bible says so.

Oh yes, another thing I read is that some of our past presidents ran this country with a grade school education and did pretty well at that. Makes you wonder about all our posturing leaders today. Those kids of ours in the military are our leaders. For anyone to withhold one thin dime from them is treason. Sadly, our political leaders do not care one way or another about the War on Terror. They care about the party of choice in the coming election. This happened on Bush's watch. If anyone has the ability to do anything, it will be him.

If you look at the world today, you can see enemy dictators are after us. They want the New World as their own. They always have. At any rate, we are surrounded by enemies. We have one advantage right now. We have boots on the ground where civilization had its beginning. The Garden of Eden was right outside of Baghdad. The gardens of Babylon run beneath its bloody streets. Give our military the opportunity to complete the mission of protecting us … SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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