Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bro!

Hey, Baby Brother!

Happy 45th!

I'm finding you some birthday goodies from Gunz Up.

Lisa and I have you a shirt ordered. Well, I'm ordering it today. I was supposed to yesterday. It's really cool and I know you'll like it.

I wonder if I was supposed to tell you that? Oh well. I won't tell you what it looks like.


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aunt karen said...

This is so cool, De'on. Gary had to leave early this morning to go work in Artesia for the next 5 days, so he hasn't seen this yet, but I told him he had birthday messages on the blog. He will reply as soon as he returns home. I have been working on the test and I already have my essay done.
Steve, I hope things are going as good as can be expected. You are constantly in my prayers. Hang in there buddy! Love ya!