Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pick a voice, any voice....

Hurl it on out of there....


.... I'm pretty good. Tired is all and trying to force myself to eat. But overall, pretty good.

...are you drinking Boost or something similar? Put bananas and make a shake out of it. get the extra calories one. how's your weight? Is it sweets you can handle? Buy frozen pancakes or waffles. Eat Malt o Meal or cream of wheat.

...Cool. Those are awesome tips. I'm gonna try them.

... I did the best post of my life today and had spent 4 or 5 hours and was within one or two words getting done and my computer went down and then started over and went down again so I wont even post today. It makes me so mad!

.... I know how Virgie feels. You want to throw the computer across the room. It's happened to us at the newspapers. We'd be close to deadline and the system would crash, losing our work. I wanted to shoot all the computers and anyone who tried to stop me.

Yes, looking at the computer screen makes me want to hurl. That's why I don't get on it much. So I just lie back and do a lot of thinking. I'm able to read some but not for long. Sometimes I just want to run out in the traffic!! But I won't. My luck all I'd do is damage someone's car and they'd sue me!

Well, I'm going to bed ... again!

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Anonymous said...

De'on please remove all this because it is an insult to all we stand for..Love Mom