Monday, February 26, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Magic Carpet Ride

Hooray for Hollywood. I know that comes as a shock coming from me, but I watched the entire Academy Awards last night. I have always watched the red carpet entrances to see the dresses and jewelry. For years it was the highlight event for me and finally I was able to again view the whole thing. Not one bad political remark against the War on Terror or the president. If Hollywood would stick to talent, I would be among their staunchest supporters.

I didn't catch the name or the type of award, but one went to the son of a Marine who survived the battle of Iwo Jima, and his thanks went to those in our military. My Uncle Lonnie survived this same battle. It was that award that got my attention and then they all acted so decent I was able to do my thing and look for that mole behind the ear to mar the looks. Ugly old women like me can do that in spades. Also I wanted to see Al Gore and hear his speech.

I know I have rejected the greenhouse gas theory and here is why. In his book, State of Fear, Michael Crichton gives scientific proof of a lot of the stuff that is thrown at us. He quotes each fact and gives test results. I highly recommend the book and the author.

I have probably a couple of thousand books and limited space for them and they get shoved in any old way. I write my posts off the top of my head. I use the spell check and that's it. I am factual in my reports but I don't know my way around a computer to do dictionary and all that. De'on remarked the other day that she liked that I used a thesaurus now, which I don't, and told her so, and guess what she said? "Well you should."...See? Anyway I believe Crichton is so far ahead in knowledge than Al Gore. I can hardly believe they are on the same planet. I predict that Al Gore’s little dandy win is going to cost us taxpayers out the kazoo. The Democratic Party is big government, so he did more harm to us poor suckers than any cost of the War on Terror.

Here is just a common sense test...I am a smoker and my family are smokers, thus I am in rooms and cars with second hand smoke constantly. I live on a corner lot across from the high school. The traffic is something else for about fifteen minutes a day .If I am caught outside during that time; I have a tough time with sinus that night. Smoke filled rooms are undesirable but set in the garage and smoke a cigarette with the door closed. It is unpleasant and yet it is suicidal to do so with the car going. Los Angeles has more cars per capita than any city in the USA. The smog is horrible so the ban on cigarettes in public is a big thing.

A few years ago, some town in Colorado took away gas lawn mowers and furnished electric ones because of greenhouse effect. In the little snippet of his movie, it showed Al Gore demonstrating his take on this gas sapping moisture out of the soil. Duh, that is called a drought. Traffic must have been terrible during the Great Depression because cracked earth and dust storms nearly ruined us. Yet there were only a few old Model T’s.

As a taxpayer, this stuff really gets to me. Melissa Etheridge nearly swooned when Al Gore won. She is just goofy. She thanked her WIFE and then almost announced the second coming with Al Gore. Al Gore is the son of a congressman or senator and he did serve in Vietnam as a cameraman taking pictures alongside his own BODYGUARD. Well, instant Snitville for me. Nothing will ever impress me about him again. I just heard that Mr. Gore has found his niche. Well goody. Now, on to important stuff, like Tipper on the red carpet.

Tipper had an off the shoulder with a hair style that looked like she was going to the junior prom. I refer Tipper to my post on shopping the Wal-Mart dress department. Nicole Kidman was stunning and the surprise of the night was Tom Cruise doing the presenting of an award. At any rate I will pester Jerry until I have seen all the winning movies except the one Martin Sheen is also in. Do the movie producers know that it is the quickest way to ruin a box office? We the public go there in order for good doses of escapism. I will forever think of Martin Sheen right alongside Jane Fonda. If I was the owner of these studios, I would put a stop to letting the political jerks ruin it for the talent. It is really not fair to the talent or the paying audience. Mr. Clooney, who I swear to you is another Rock Hudson, had a little quote that he told to Al Gore backstage, and he said he didn't think Al Gore was going to run for president. Mr. Gore and Tipper doubled over in laughter as if this crack was the most hilarious remark ever voiced. Anyway, A STAR IS BORN and taxes will go up darnnit! At any rate, SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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