Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From the Top (Not you, Steve :)

Wow, you know there's a lot of news today. During the early hours of the morning, right before I went to bed, I read about the explosion in Afghanistan. I emailed Doc and asked him to report back to me that he was okay. Here's his email pasted in.


I am OK, that bomb is actually a funny story. My convoy was about 4 minutes from the gate when that went off, we were doing our weekly run up to the airfield at Bagram for supplies and to take patients to the big hospital there. We were late taking off because of an unexplained radio malfunction, if our radios had been OK, we would've left on time and been sitting there when it went off. But thanks to the grace of god we weren't. Take care Doc Duty


God holds every second, doesn't He? Sometimes our delays are for things exactly like this. Each and everyone of God's creatures doesn't go without His notice.

He notices the married brother and sister with children who think Germany's incest laws are archaic. I'm assuming they think as little of their Creator's laws. There came the time that God commanded this type of relationship to end. Being the one who holds the patent on DNA, He knew exactly at what generation inter-marriage and inter-breeding must end.

I bring this up for a reason. This kind of stuff has always sickened me, but God says that it will be. Lately, it sickens me more because of some of the comments we've gotten due to SPAM. I'M THINKING OF PUTTING A SPAM PROTECTION UP AGAIN. I've tried this before and then I've taken it down because I have trouble with deciphering some of the letters that one is required to type in the little box and since I know that I have a couple of readers that have a harder time than me as far as reading goes, I've tried to avoid these?

So look for that to happen if it gets any worse. I pray over this site, so it shocks me that this is happening. And with everything else that is happening, I've wondered if the time for this blog has ceased. But then I get a comment from someone who was a gunner on the Spectre during Vietnam or a principal that Steve wrote about in a post over two months ago. There was the son of the combat artist from WWII (who we will lend some time to in the future) and from my regulars who I know I'd keep in touch with no matter what.

There are people I miss hearing from and concern myself everyday with: Diana, Julia, The Mushrooms, Howell, Andrew, and though the site has never heard from our Gunz Up Marine, Miles, Steve and I had some contact with him through email, but the last one I sent came back to me. Of course, the lists of names we can lay our hands on have nothing to do with those who are injured, and then with the Mushrooms, I've never known their true names, thus this job does have its drawbacks.

It's time for some new stuff. I've thought of painting our walls here! Semper Fi Mom did and when I clicked on, gone the black and in with the white. Our new site won't be ready for a while I fear, so it's time to do a little remodeling here.

There are some new links I want to add. And the biggest thing will be a new link for those interested in taking a Bible Study. I belong to a Friendship Coffee Bible Study that is non-denominational. I was invited to it not long after Aaron was killed. I went to be "nice" because I really didn't look for too much out of this because of the simplicity of it. As usual, I was wrong. I've learned a great deal in our studying of Genesis, and as some of us know, it's hard to grasp the middle or end of anything without first grasping the beginning. I've learned so much in it that I want to share it with anyone who is interested, so as time allows, I will be building a new Blog for that as well as other Bible studies and spiritual things, that of course will be easily linked from Gunz Up. For a while, I thought of putting it on Gunz Up, but we have so many posts already that I don't want this to get lost or unorganized in any way. SO IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO ADD TO IT IN SOMEWAY, I'M OPEN. IS THERE A GREAT NAME YOU CAN THINK OF FOR THE BLOG? LINKS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE?

Gunz Up will continue with the same content as well as new when it can be generated. Sgt. Knipper has said to expect a post from him in a few days. Kayla and Greg are lost to us I'm afraid, but I'll keep their names up. VB still needs a profile and Steve just needs health and energy which will come in time.

I will announce within the next couple of days how much money we've earned for shoes. I have to do some figuring and one of our reader's needed an extension due to a death in the family. And of course, we see how busy Doc Duty has been.

Well, I'll get busy with some posts. Hope you're not blowing away where you're at. We are here!

Later Gator!

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