Sunday, February 25, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Time and Other Dinosaurs

As usual I find that somewhere along the way I have completely missed the boat in things that should be common knowledge, but I plead guilty. I didn't know there was a magazine with the title SPLASH. But there is. I found out this remarkable oversight in my knowledge last night when I found out that Anna Nicole's mother had agreed to view her daughter’s body for this up and coming magazine. OK. I finally do feel sorry for the pitiful Ms. Smith, but not as much as I would have felt had she not sold pictures of her son within a week of his death. Money talks and B S walks as the old saying goes.

De'on was over last week and made the remark that without her make-up on she thought Anna Nicole was pretty. I never said that she wasn't pretty. I said that I didn't find her sexy. Of course I must keep in mind that I am not the target audience for sexy displays. It was always her teeth and gums that did her in for me, especially since her talent was throwing kisses to the crowd of paparazzi. The picture I am sure De'on was referring to was when the recently deceased Anna Nicole was sleeping with her newborn baby in her arms. But I really want to get past this event and on to other headlines.

In that regard it seems that Hillary and Obama will keep us entertained with mud slinging. This is twice I have received my TIME Magazine on Saturday. It always came on Wednesday, so I don't know what the change is. I like this liberal leaning news that breaks down the week’s news in one quick package. I did notice that this issue has for its cover an article about why the Shiites and the Sunnis hate each other. No Anna and no Britney. It does have an article about the passing of Franke Laine.

I have sung "That's My Desire" over and over again in my mind this last week. Music and lyrics used to be so great. Even the singers were great in entertaining us. I know that each generation holds its music close to its heart. It does my heart good that Kayla turns up her nose at her mom and dad’s music, yet she is still enthusiastic about the classical music she finds here at my house. As I said, sometimes it is embarrassing to be looked upon as an old fuddy duddy but we all get there it seems. Now Roy is among us has beens. Welcome! I am glad that Kayla enjoys her new much smaller school. I do hate it that she will no longer be taking band.

We are still trying to establish a new routine here at my house as Jerry is at a new job. He likes his new job and seems to enjoy his new co-workers. I am happy for him. Our life revolves around his job. He is actually only really happy when he is working 13 or 14 hours a day. I have come to accept that as a way of life. You can furnish a reader with enough good material and we are happy anywhere. I have been sleeping later because we get to bed later. But as this is the week-end and I’m all by myself, I think I will take my new Time and read a while and nap a while. Regardless of anything that ever changes in my life, I will SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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