Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Further Congratulations go to Michael Reagan and Semper Fi Mom

A couple of days ago I announced Karen as the winner of the essay contest. While she, STAR STUDENT, still holds this coveted position, I felt it important to post this poignant piece as well.



Michael Reagan, Artist

When De’on assigned the essay portion of her test, I knew which artist I would write about. Michael Reagan’s Fallen Heroes Project caught my attention the first time I read about it on Gunz Up. When a loved one is lost, pictures of that loved one and the memories that go along with them, are a wonderful remembrance. A lovingly hand drawn portrait would be even more cherished.

I have, hanging in my bedroom, a pastel portrait done of my second son when he was in preschool. It is a profile view drawn as he watched Barney on TV. Not that he would admit today that he ever watched Barney! I never tire of looking at it. I see the sweet curve of his little four year old cheek and the tilt of his perfect nose. I see his wispy blond hair brushing the back of his neck right in that spot where he was so ticklish. That pastel portrait, even more than most of the photos I have of him at that age, is very dear to me. It is one of the first things I would grab if my house were on fire. Somehow it captures that time in his (and my) life. Maybe it is the attention and care that goes into the drawing of a portrait that makes it so appealing and timeless. It is something to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation, not just zoomed past in a busy photo album. I can only imagine how important a portrait done by Mr. Reagan would be to a family who had lost their loved one to war.

I truly admire Mr. Reagan, a Vietnam veteran, for using his God given abilities to celebrate the lives of those who have been lost in the War on Terror by hand drawing custom portraits free of charge. His portraits must be a source of emotional nourishment and healing to the families left behind. As God’s children, we are not on this earth to merely make a living or amuse ourselves. We must find the work that God wants to do through us. Mr. Reagan has found that work. May God bless him as he follows his calling.


aunt karen said...

Totally beautiful!

Semper Fi Mom said...

Thank you Karen! You are so sweet!