Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Why Does My Son Want to be A Marine?

The reasons why some young Americans have chosen to become
United States Marines
As told by their mothers, fathers, wives, and other loved ones

…When the recruiter brought came to our house, I looked my son straight in the eyes and asked "Why?" He said he felt called to do it. Our children become Marines for so many reasons: the challenge, the opportunities for advancement, the educational benefits, just to name a few.

…I do believe it is a "calling" of sorts.

…Some young men, and women, just have what it takes and they know it. My son said he just had to do it because he wanted to know he was making a difference.

…When my son left for Iraq, I told him what an honor it was to call him my son, the fact that he chose to be a Marine to protect "my country" to use his words. I had the opportunity to visit the Naval Medical Center of Bethesda 2 years ago and meet some of the wounded. What an honor and such a humbling experience. Every one of these young men told me they were "just doing their job."

…My son told me he did the right thing, for his freedom, the freedom of his family, and the freedom of his friends. He has been in the Al Anbar providence of Iraq since February. I think that some kids just have it in them that it is their duty. My son is also an Eagle Scout, where he learned duty at an early age. My husband served 4 years in the USMC, but I did not know him then, and he is not one of the vets you see doing all the vet stuff, until our son joined. So I say ‘thank you’ to your son for wanting to serve our country in a time such as this. Folks should be thankful of our sons volunteering theirs do not have to.

…There are probably as many reasons as there are Marines! My son wanted to prove to himself, and those who looked down on him, that he could do it. He told me he wanted to see if he could handle it and that he felt he needed the discipline. Whatever the reason, I hope you will honor and support your son’s choice. Please tell him ‘thank you’ too! We need as many with the drive to serve as possible. Bless their hearts!!

…I know for my son it was because you have to be tough to be a Marine, and I think he was trying to prove it to himself that he could do it. My son is now in MCT (military combat training) and will graduate on Friday and then off to his MOS. It has changed him so much, and all for the better.

…Good question. Why did MY son become a Marine? Why did I become a Marine, and why does ANYONE become a Marine? It is true what they say: It takes a certain kind of person to be a Marine. When I heard about it in high school, I was a hard working gal who made good grades and was graduating early, but I wanted something more than just college. I knew that I would go some day, but I wanted to experience life first. I liked the tradition of the Marine Corps, and I liked the fact that I wouldn't be doing what everyone else was doing. And I was always independent anyway. There were times I asked myself "What did I do?!" while in boot camp. That was 25 years ago. I served 4 years, and the lessons I learned in the Corps never leave me. Everyone that I tell "I am a former Marine" immediately has a look of respect in their eye that wasn't there before. I know I can make it through anything in life, because I made it through boot and so much more. I did my 4 years, went on to raise 2 sons, and I'm doing okay. I have owned 2 businesses; I have an undergrad degree in Marketing and a master's degree in Leadership. I am currently working in the field of non-profit fundraising for the YWCA "eliminating racism and empowering women.” I am training for my first marathon - The Marine Corps Marathon - on October 29th of this year. I'm doing it to raise money for Team in Training -The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm also doing it for my son who is currently serving in Iraq and due to come home in October. What I'm trying to say is, your son is doing this because he is not ordinary, and he doesn't think like everyone else. He is probably more driven than most his age, and more goal oriented. He will achieve much in life, more than likely, and there will be times where you will sweat out your own fear and doubt while he is a Marine. Be sure you make it to his graduation from boot camp. No matter how you feel right this minute, you will never be more proud of him in your life as you will the day he graduates.

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