Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Seasons

I finished Winds of War in the wee hours this morning. Again, I can't brag on Herman Wouk’s work enough. Isn't work a funny name for getting to weave plots around in writing? Writers love to write. They have to travel in order to research local color. Then they get to put their spin on the detail, intriguing us enough to purchase their books. They end up having created something lasting to an appreciative people. They also end up usually very rich and sought after.

I have started on the next to the last in his war series. It is called The Hope and I already find it fascinating. It is about the Six Day War between the Arab nations and the new Jewish state of Israel. After more than two thousand years, God has brought his Chosen People back to their homeland. These people come from all over the globe and are of every nationality. The battles and the leader of the day are the real historical people and places. They all spoke so many languages and had this small little rag tag military. Some actually fought the enemy with shovels and rakes. Against all reason and any logic, they won this war in just days. They fought against real armies with real tanks and guns, yet they won.

This little band of survivors had watched all of their loved ones die in a mass slaughter. They were reduced from millions of people to a few hundred thousand. They have been chased out from every place on earth and have this small little homeland that they believe to be their own, given to them by God. It is absolutely fascinating stuff and it is just like being there in person. I will admit that I find it all very mysterious in the way that they believe. How much time they devote to different feasts and celebrations. I also find the Amish belief strange. But I will say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone to adhere closely to their religious practices. As long as it is kind and gentle, as many are, then who on earth does it hurt? What is a little land with a little peace and a little space in time going to hurt anyone else on the planet? It just is not going to. Yet look at us. Is the United States so impoverished that we would stand idly by as they are truly wiped from the face of the earth?

You can say it is not our fight but of course it is. How can you turn your back on anyone that asks so little? Here is one thing to keep in mind. They are chosen by God as His elected people. The blood of our Savior was shed on that soil. He was of that race and the Bible promises that in the end they all come together with nothing being lost. They have a special place in history; therefore they have a special place to me in my heart.

I am extremely provoked by all the hype about finding the earthly remains of Jesus and going to be examined for DNA. What a lot of rot. My Savior rose from the dead after He had won the battle over death and captured the keys to hell. Jesus is with us in every good thought and deed we do. The Bible tells us that we are forever of the priesthood of Melchizedek. That means we are of no genealogy. Thus they will not be finding any DNA.

I realize that this is hard to understand. I am a gifted reader and have quite a grasp of creative art, but when it comes to the math and science department, I am out to lunch. I learned long ago to bring something to the lowest common denominator. I have no more reservations about the resurrection of Jesus than I have of the fact that one day I met Roy who is my daughter’s husband and that in the fullness of time they married and gave birth to Kayla. She did not exist one day and then at a later date she did. I don't have to understand, I just have to hold his hand, as the old saying goes. As Aaron said" It is a belief man. You either believe in God or you don't."

Back to the present day and counting. It is day nineteen that Anna Nicole remains in a morgue. It is still all over the news. What a bunch of greedy clowns. I feel embarrassed for the career reporters for having to keep up with such nonsense. After riding with our troops in Iraq and facing the guns and weapons of the enemy, then having to report on such trivial junk. I mean, what is wrong with us? But I am just as guilty as the next in keeping up with it. I find that everyone has something to say about it. Most say they are just very tired of it all. I hate the fact that the deceased woman left behind a mother named Virgie. Lisa and Jerry were teasing me about it the other night and my reply was that I do have a couple of daughters that remind me of Anna Nicole, except she was prettier. Lisa said she would tell De'on what I said. It was of course, a joke. Oh well. I hope the whole thing is over soon. I do so long for my old hard news in politics and entertainment. I find my heart is very sad for the little baby daughter. May God protect her.

I have asked our editor to post Mr. Michael Creighton’s credentials and education on Gunz Up. Compared to the theory being put forth by the latest Hollywood Star, Al Gore, I think we should know more about nearly anyone else. One of the promises that we have from God is that we will always have our due seasons. To me, this means that we will not have to be here to endure a nuclear winter. I believe there will be a nuclear winter but we will be ruptured at that instant and just in time. Things are shaping up more and more for just such a catastrophic occurrence. Lisa and I were talking about this very thing yesterday and she asked me what would happen to us if we were to be conquered by the very ones who threaten us now. I replied that we would be given just enough food in order to work as slave labor. She was horrified and said, “Well, I would slit my throat first.” I told her that is self murder. And is forbidden. We both pondered the problem for a while and agreed that we would go out fighting the War on Terror to the best of our ability and we would gratefully SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

***i am making a correction in the post that I just wrote. The book is about when the Jewish people first returned to Isreal so it is not the six day war. I have no idea how long this war went on but they have just now returned. I have just gotten a little way into the book. the six day war comes later. signed Virgie Bell

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i am making a correction in the post that I just wrote. The book is about when the Jewish people first returned to Isreal so it is not the six day war. I have no idea how long this war went on but they have just now returned. I have just gotten a little way into the book. the six day war comes later. signed Virgie Bell